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  • My preference is that nobody moves, it's a tough thing to deal with and I wouldn't wish it on any fan base.
  • St. Louis fans are so indifferent to having a football team. It's such a baseball town. Hockey is even a bigger deal there than football. 
  • Oh yeah of course, I know the fans here in San Diego are gonna be incredibly upset over this. But if a team is moving, I'd prefer to keep a bit of distance from the Raiders.
  • yeah the thing is the Raiders can't keep playing in that decrepit stadium.

    I'll never get why they don't share the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. The answer is staring them in the face.
  • I also think the team left out of LA is in serious danger of moving anyway. Toronto and London are more than viable, the latter even has a stadium ready to go.
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    As happy as I was for the Bills to get sold to an owner with local interests and all the money in the world, it was definitely bad news for Raiders, Rams, and Chargers fans. It's one less team available and that'll only drive competition.
  • @benneh Don't know if any Australians do, but I do! Watched the entirety of the fourth test while writing my dissertation for uni, made for a great accompaniment. Heading to the Oval for the final test next week as well. 

    Cricket is pretty much the only sport I care about. 
  • Oh nice man, what day you got tickets for? If the last test was anything to go by, it could be over by the end of day 2!
  • My friend was at trent bridge when we got the aussies all out for 60. He said it was the greatest sporting moment he's ever witnessed.
  • Is this how some of you feel when Kyle and I talk about hockey? lol
  • @Benneh First day luckily! I have a feeling the Aussies will improve now they're not under as much pressure though. I can imagine, the atmosphere Trent Bridge looked insane! Never seen anything quite like it.

    @Hegdeway Lol I have absolutely no idea how hockey, american football, basketball or baseball work 
  • DomDom
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    (double post)
  • the team that scores more usually wins
  • No the team that gets the most Corsis wins.
  • There's no way 3 teams can survive in L.A.
  • They won't let more than 2 relocate. One of their owners will get left out.
  • The Bills signed Punchy McGeno for some reason. This'll probably end well.
  • I've been watching baseball recently because the Jays are actually good. It's fun to see.
  • It's been like that for me and the Royals for a little over a year now. Good baseball is so much fun to watch. 

    Now poorly played baseball, like the Royals from the early 90s until just recently... gross. 
  • It's like it's the only thing the country of Canada talks about now. You can barely get tickets to games now it's crazy.
  • Toronto has always been a bit of a front running town. Most big cities are as far as sports are concerned.
  • Football! I'm so excited.
  • Tough tests for both the Bills and Saints today
  • Bills up 17-0 and Tyrod Taylor has looked amazing.

    It seems optimistic to take too much from it this early but needless to say I'm very happy and excited with what I'm seeing.
  • 24-0 now. Holy crap.
  • Chiefs are playing well, but I'm still in baseball mode. I know--I have bad taste etc etc
  • Really, this is the first time in my life that all my teams are good, so I'm going to soak it up as much as I can. Both major KC teams (I could even add our soccer team to this mix) and the Washington Wizards are going to play for deep playoff runs.

    It's pretty rad. 
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    US Open finals at 4pm. really hoping federer can pull this one out; he doesn't have too many more chances. he hasn't dropped a set en route, so he's looking really strong. i want to see an epic 5-setter
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