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  • I have a meeting at 1:30 today at work but I think we're just gonna watch the Jays game in it lol.
  • Sounds like a great use of time. My last hour today may get some baseball as well.
  • Sports are just a constant gut punch.
  • the Sabres can legit go 0-82 and I'll be happy if Eichel continues to be awesome.
  • I'm just gonna be over here laughing hysterically
  • So how likely are we right now to Back to the Future 2 predicting the Cubs winning the World Series?
  • I'd bet against it, but hey if it works out then I get some extra credit
  • So what the fuck is happening in Toronto? My whole timeline is going nuts about it.
  • It was fucked. Martin had the ball and was just throwing it back to the pitcher but the Texas batter was kind of stretching out over the plate and the ball hit his hand, went off in the infield then the guy on third scored. I don't know the rules of baseball that well but I they counted the run even though I haven't seen a single person think it's the right call (mind you my reading is very Toronto-centric). Fans were throwing stuff on the field the whole time they were trying to figure out if it was a run or not.

    Anyway, didn't matter. Sometimes sports are great. 

  • Lots of people in Buffalo have adopted them as their baseball team, at least in my Twitter timeline. I'm still about that Fuck Toronto sports life, personally.
  • I want to cry.
  • Respect to the Jays. The team has passion. 
  • I'll just be sitting here all winter hoping David Price signs with them.
  • Danny Briere retirement ceremony in Philly tonight. He's one of my favorite players ever so I'm glad they're doing it against the Sabres so I actually get to see this.
  • He'll always be a Coyote in my heart.
  • Danny Briere's son is older and taller than him somehow.

    photo 392FAD81-23C3-409C-812D-DFA1A2079257.jpg
  • lol thats looks like 100 ppl i went to college with
  • Click this shit at your own risk. I warned you.
  • Holy shit. His hand is totally fucked
  • He's got a literal monster hand.
  • World Champions. My God. Royals did it. 
  • edited November 2015
    Congrats from someone who will never ever know the feeling of one of their teams winning a championship.
  • @Kyle from a New Orleans Saints fan who was dumbfounded after their Super Bowl season, never say never. Your team could be just a few pieces away. Unfortunately, not this year.
  • If I've learned anything over the past month, it's that baseball is really weird. If Duda makes that throw to home in the 9th there's extremely little chance that Hosmer scores, and the game is over. Not trying to take anything away from them for winning that game, but some crazy shit can happen even when all a guy has to do it make a routine 90 foot throw.

    My twitter TL was mixed about sending Harvey out to start the 9th, but I didn't see anybody advocate for keeping him in after the first walk.
  • lol they do stuff like this just to get on the Today show and Sportscenter
    photo 9CF9EF8D-EAFC-46E4-B26E-09B938724EE5.png
  • Totally, @Mark. It's what makes putting pressure on defenses with baserunning so important. It makes a lackluster defensive team like the Meta press.
  • the warriors are looking better than they did last season, and that's crazy, also curry has reached jordan levels of unbelievable
  • Didn't you hear? If you're famous and rich then women will always lie lie to get your money.... somehow?
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