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  • I think the Broncos are making a huge mistake if they turn back to Peyton. I don't think Brock is elite or anything but Manning is fucking done.
  • @benneh I wish! Just watching it from home, dreaming of getting out there next time England tour!

    he apologized and all, but it's obvious his original statement reflects his true feelings, and the attempted backpedal is courtesy of either one of his PR people or some friend/family calling him out. It's unfortunate this is where he stands on the matter.

    also it's tiring to see people using the Bible to justify this kind of reasoning.
  • curry is amazing to the point where he's too perfect. something's gotta give.
    that 3-pointer too insane
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  • What Curry and the Warriors did last night was amazing.

    But Kobe's 60 points to finish his career shouldn't go unnoticed. He also won the game for them. While his first 40 points were created from chucking shot after shot, in the fourth quarter, the flashes of greatness returned and it was actually quite special and amazing.

    This, coming from a life-long Kobe hater.
  • Also: fuck the Wizards for not making the playoffs.
  • Well, not fuck them. Just scold them harshly.
  • yeah the basketball seemed like the thing to watch last night but y'know, I had to watch my boy Swagsuke knee a Canadian in the face.
  • I also watched baseball because the Royals are the best sports team of any sport over the past few years.
  • I don't know if any of you follow the English premier league. I'm guessing no, but Leicester winning the league is the most unbelievable shit ever. People are calling it the biggest achievement in the history of football. They were 5000-1 to win the league at the beginning of the season. It's such an incredible story, I'm in shock!
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  • I don't really follow any soccer, but enough people were freaking out about that yesterday that I got it through osmosis.
  • anyone watching game 4? it's intense!
  • I am. Warriors going to be known as the best after this.

    LeBron has never been this angry
  • the LeBron step over was just so unnecesary. When you're losing it looks extra bad.
  • I'm purely watching the euros now... we were robbed by russia but hopefully we can play that well again and give the welsh a good pasting.
  • game 5 is fucking insane so far
  • Kyrie and LeBron both with 41 points. Insane.
  • lol this is Cleveland, they're gonna tie the series and then lose it in the most heartbreaking way possible in game 7.
  • That is totally going to happen, too.
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    Lebron tears ACL up 8 in the final minute and Golden State goes on a 9-0 run with a buzzer beater to end it.

    Lebron retires to play football for the Steelers.
  • England vs wales today... it's gonna be huge!!!
  • @Benneh it was huge! We had it on in my office and went wild when Sturridge scored in injury time!
  • Oh man, the pub i was in went insane. Beer thrown everywhere! The feeling of nicking it in the last minute is amazing.
  • Going to the pub for the game against Slovakia on Monday, so that should be good fun! Pub atmosphere on an England game is always the ideal way to watch it.
  • game 7 tomorrow is gonna be so fuckin hype
  • I'm hype. I know it could be another blowout, but I'm so so so so so so hoping for a #classic.
  • saaaame. i hope both halves are like the first half of game 5
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