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  • Yes! Absolutely
  • golden state up 7 at the half... here we gooooo
  • golden state went into the third up 7, went down 8, and finished it up 1. thrilling quarter
  • I'm really happy for Cleveland. Would've watched tonight but y'know... wrestling
  • fuuuuuuck. congrats to cleveland though, especially irving for nailing that game-winning 3
  • there was a lot of emotion post-game. LeBron certainly didn't feel that way winning in Miami.

    a really great game.
  • Steph Curry:
  • also:
    photo 8EB4792D-BF1A-47FE-83BE-A189D6802CF8.jpg
  • p much.

    There is no doubt LeBron is the best player in the world.
  • This ESPN article where they reimagined every team as being from Las Vegas in honor of the expansion news is tremendous.
  • Aren't the Raiders moving to Las Vegas as well?
  • I haven't heard that.
  • I read somewhere that it's really close to becoming a reality.

    djokovic holds all four grand slam titles. this is the biggest win by an american in years. querry could very well make it to the semis now (with another strong performance in the quarters). fuck yes!!!!!
  • Nice! I need to watch some Wimbledon. Last time I did, Andy Murray won and it was awesome
  • NBA free agency has been nuts
  • wow. brazil winning olympic gold in soccer was an absolutely incredible moment. 2 hours of play and then it all came down to the final two penalty kicks. the brazilian goalie blocked the shot, opening the door for neymar. then he nailed it and the stadium erupted. i have fucking chills, congrats to brazil.
  • i know no one watches tennis but me but wow, the aussie open has delivered so far. defending champ novak djokovic is down a break in the 5th against a guy ranked outside the top 100, and i could not be more elated. let's go istomin!!!!!
  • I don't know a lot about tennis, but when I watch it, I'm always enthralled. I remember Andy Murray killing it at the London Olympics.
  • yeah murray has been the best player in the world for the last 6 months or so. his comeback to unseat djokovic for #1 at the end of the year was so legendary. he's such an incredible defender, runs down every ball. a joy to watch.

    right now i'm watching federer's first big challenge (facing a top 10 player in the third round) since his six-month hiatus. he's doing great so far!! up two breaks in the first set. go roger!
  • Still bummed about dat Cowboys loss but we'll be back next year with vigor!
  • istomin (guy who beat djokovic) is such a feel-good story. he barely qualified for the open (literally had to defend multiple match points in a challenger tourney to do so) and now he's in the round of 16. let's go denis the menace!!
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    @shin0z For Dallas to be down 21-3 at halftime and only lose by a field goal in the last minute of the game was pretty incredible.
  • Yeah man it was. Nice comeback indeed. Wonder who they'll start next season as QB. I wouldn't mind if it was Romo, unless he gets traded to the Texans or something. What a rivalry that would make. But yeah Dak proved himself capable for sure. Lots of questions ×~×
  • Dak is the starter from here on out. Romo will most certainly be traded in the off season to Denver, New York, or Houston perhaps.
  • Wonder how Jerry Jones feels about trading him. Romo's success is all important to Jones' legacy. If the trade happens I hope he gets picked up by Houston. Would be a hell of a show. Houston's amazing defense and Romo combined?? #:-S
  • They could probably make a run if Romo does land there and everything on the defense stays intact.
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    dimitrov-nadal is one of the greatest matches i've ever witnessed. it's gone to a fifth set, and every set thus far has lasted a full hour or more. every game is going to deuce, and both are making consistently *bananas* shots, particularly dimi. it's beautiful to see dimitrov blooming, finally living up to the potential he's always been hypothesized to have; at 25, he has plenty of time to compete for slams (and if he keeps playing like this, he will win many). if he wins tonight, he'll extend his 2017 record to 11-0 and make his first major final. not bad for a guy ranked 15th in the world.

    if nadal wins, he sets up a federer-nadal final, which would be one of the most important matches of all time. federer seeks to get his 18th title and solidify his lead against nadal. nadal hopes to get his 15th and thus be only two from federer's record 17 (with the french open, nadal's best slam, around the corner--he'll be the favorite to win either his 15th or 16th there). he would also be the first man to win all four majors at least twice each.

    as of now, the fifth set is on serve at 3-3. i'm calling dimitrov 7-5. he looks fresher and has been on fucking fire all day. he defended like five break points with nerves of steel this set already.
  • so... nadal won. nadal-federer is tonight. so fucking hyped but have a sinking pit that rafa is going to win. i really hope fed picks up his 18th. please fed, please...
  • after five years of missed opportunities (three finals and four semifinals), federer finally prevailed, clinching his 18th grand slam at the australian open '17. he is 35 years old, and the sweetest part of it is that it was a five-set contest with rafael nadal, his arch-nemesis who has a winning record against him. but federer wanted it more and pushed nadal too hard in the fifth set. wow, what a fucking match!! i'll post highlights here soon that anyone interested in any sort of contest should watch.
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