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  • I'm hitting Lisbon for a few days next week, anyone been? Any recommendations?
  • track down Panda Bear and get a leak for Painting With.

    collect that sweet what bounty.
  • Been in Buenos Aires for a week now. Just started working on a farm yesterday. Damn son the girls are the most beautiful in Argentina!x
  • sounds wonderful.
  • word man. i'm want to figure out how to live that life
  • Do it man... so many volunteer projects going on in SA and so many great people to help.
  • That sounds rad benneh
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    I'm in rio people! Anyone been here got any tips?! Got a week here before I return home to reality :((
  • some things I've learned while in Italy

    - if you tell people you're from California, they'll either play Hotel California, ask you if you've been to the set of The OC, or talk about Pamela Anderson
    - instead of toilets Italians have holes in the ground that you squat over and you place your feet on designated areas that keep you from skidding
    - everyone smokes
    - you will not find elevators often even though their buildings are like 5-6 stories tall
    - they hate Americans
  • When I was in Italy, there were plenty of toilets.
  • When I read the title, I assumed this was a thread about walking around with an erection.
  • When I was in Italy they also hated Americans
  • I didn't realize this fully until I went to Germany where they fucking love Americans
  • Lol so funnt
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    It's not really "traveling" since I'm taking public transit there, but I'm going to the Ripley's Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario next month with my sister. Seems like a dumb and fun way to spend a day.
  • this is late but i wanna clarify i was in the small cities and countryside during my stay; maybe if i was the touristy areas my observations would have been different
  • I was at the towns of Cinque Terre, so yeah, prob more tourists there.
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    I road a Greyhound from NYC to Atlanta. It wasn't the greatest travel experience of my life, and at one point we got stuck in the snow for 45 minutes but I got there in one piece for cheap
  • oh man, fuck greyhounds. i once took one from boston to DC and it was plagued by delays, ended up being crammed and uncomfortable for like 13 hours
  • I've got 50+ hour buses before. 13 hours sounds like a dream lol!
  • that's true. that's a very long time. where were you going @benneh? was it round trip?
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    @demikat, It was from buenos aires to far north argentina, a place called tilcara. It took so long due to the bus breaking down. I got quite a few 30+ hour trips in the south which felt a piece of cake in comparison.

    The buses are pretty accomadating in argentina though. Pretty roomy and comfortable. Food was supplied a lot of the time and sometimes they had an attendent like you would have on a plane. What are grey hound buses like?
  • i've only really taken greyhound into bus ports - from jersey to outside Chinatown in Philly (45 mins) or from Jersey to Hell's asshole (Port Authority) in NYC (2 -3 hrs).

    comfy enough- if it's an older bus, but there is the urine smell and the thought "shit, will i get bedbugs from this trip?" newer - not as comfy - cleaner - but to control the possible spread of bedbugs the seats are reduced to as little cushion space needed for min comfort.

    lots of people - i've fretted a few times about the bike or bag I stowed under bus. but everyone keeps to themselves and falls into their own seats as much as possible.
  • Did you visit the science museum? Or the museum of art?
  • I use to go to the science museum all the time when i was a kid. Love that place. Philly use to shut one of the roads down near the museums for family day. I wonder if they still do that
  • Did you like the exhibit?
  • Travelling super hard!

    o0o0o i wanna be in this swell!!!!
  • bands I'm seeing in Japan!!

    mowmow lulu gyaban

    they're touring in Nov. Just have to translate this and figure out where I'm going to be and when I can see them
  • TsuShiMaMiRe

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