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Travelling HARD



  • can't find tour date for this band =(

    anyone know anything? by random grace and chance?
  • reminds me of Midori.

    also unrelated, I've got some time off coming up in about a week and my plans have fallen through.

    I've got two ideas of what to do instead, go into the city and be bewildered for about a good 3-4 days just exploring the inner suburbs of Sydney,
    Or go to a place in the Blue Mountains which has a lot of nature walks. I think both would be fun. But I'm not sure which.
  • Australia's not too far from Japan. You should swing by. would absolutely chill with you- @TTK

    but if you're staying local, my vote is City. Once night hits in Blue Mountain, it'll be too dark to do anything. a City night gives you options beyond dusk.
  • Anybody in Chicago, I'm coming through in a couple of weeks.
  • So I'm in Sydney now guys.

    first place I went to for food was McDonalds. Is that baaaad? I mean maybe if I were in France or India, that'd be bad, but I'm an Australian in Australia, just a bigger city.
  • not at all, i've done that in foreign countries before when i just want something quick and cheap and comfortable

    (fuck tha haterz mcdonalds, in the right circumstances, can be glorious)
  • i went to KFC in china because they're super popular over there
  • my anxiety fucked me up today kinda

    I didn't get anything done today, and I've got a list of shit to do so I keep myself active through out my time here.

    it's fucked :\
  • not bad at all. totally drunk! totally just stopped by the mikey D's for a hamburger. it's quick. it's yummy. good for a drunk tummy!!
  • Coming to Chicago if anybody's in the area.
  • going to Mexico City in June :)
  • going for a festival?
  • no just for fun :)
  • gotta go back to NY for some family stuff and thought it'd be fun to make a pitstop on the way back
  • mexico city is really really really cool
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