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Deaf Grapes Thread



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    edit: this was an embaressong post. Dont post hi kids
  • I think it's funny that a band decided to name their album Death Grips.
  • @Shooty I was confused for a second too.
  • Haven't listened to Bottomless Pit yet but for me the best DG records are

    1. Exmilitary
    2. Jenny Death
    3. NLDW

    Looking forward to checking this one out
  • 1. $ store
    2. exmilitary
    3. no love
    4. jenny death
    5. NOTM
    6. gov't plates

    if this thing cracks the top 3 it will be among my favorite records of the year
  • TMS
    who cares
  • how is it shootybooty
  • Too soon to tell. I've litterally been listening to death grips since middle school so a new grips album is always an occasion for me to go back to their whole discography and review. This comes in hard though right away its def far from the bottom
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    it makes me want cancel my plans tonight and just listen to it and exmilitary all night if thats of any significance
  • I think I am more attracted to their poppier stuff.
  • i agree with that, i've always thought they were at their best when they were their most primal and straightforward than records like Niggas on the Moon or their instrumental stuff where it becomes too wanky for its own good

    also glad I saved "80808" last maybe my favorite here along with "Eh"
  • "Giving Bad People Good Ideas" is my favorite!

    yea, it's the first song on the album, and maybe there's a faux-pas there, but fuck it! i love a woman with attitude! and all the rest.
  • wonder if that's the same lady on the cover
  • i hope so. that's who I see in my head!! it's my fuckity fuck fuck favorite!
  • Black Metal Grips
  • Cloud Rap Grips
  • With the 320 this might end up being my #2 or #3 fav death grips. I love how intense yet considered it is, and the mixing and mastering is finally near perfection.
  • yeah i really dug it after two listens.
  • Anyways jury is still out on BP for me, I like to take my time digesting the grips, but in the meantime let's see some lists!
    I rate out of 100 now.

    Exmilitary: 87
    The Money Store: 67
    No Love Deep Web: 49
    Government Plates: 85
    Niggas On The Moon: 98
    Jenny Death: 70
  • My death grips opinions have grown heretical over the years lol
  • edited May 2016
    Exmilitary - 9/10
    The Money Store - 8.5/10
    NO LOVE DEEP WEB - 8.5/10
    Government Plates - 7.25/10
    Niggas on the Moon - 6.25/10
    Jenny Death - 8.25/10
    Bottomless Pit - 8.5/10
  • Exmilitary - 91/100
    TMS - 95/100
    NLDW - 86/100
    GP - 93/100
    NOTM - 59/100
    Jenny Death - 81/100
    Bottomless Pit - 90/100
  • Bottomless Pit - 95
  • Featuring Les Claypool. For real?
  • Are they going to release another album already? Also, I certainly don't hear Claypool in the mix.
  • its def that opening sample
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