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Hype 2016

I think we can start a 2016 hype thread. Along with new Tortoise in January, there's also this. Holy shit I hope it's as amazing as it sounds. Hype


  • whoa that bowie record sounds really fucking cool. i can't wait to hear that single in a few weeks

    new Bibio with an album apparently coming early next year.

    And what do you know, Bibio stops fucking about, tries to actually write a song, and it's one of the best things he's done so far.
  • that's good news. i really liked ambivalence avenue but haven't been hot on much of his material since
  • Ambivalence Avenue is his best album by a long mile.
  • And this new song reminds of it and it's really good.
  • do you think we'll see something new drop from fiona apple next year? the singy songy ladies have been killing it this year (joanna, julia, jessica etc.) which has gave me a thirst for more!
  • i certainly hope so
  • I think the new song sounds like a progression on from 2013's Silver Wilkinson, which could have been really good, but it was hampered by Bibio's love of changing styles.
    If he had made a purely folk pop/rock album, he probably would have had something really impressive I feel.
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    Pusha T
    Run the Jewels
    A$AP Ferg
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    All those plus David Bowie and Tortoise for me
  • a$ap, run the jewels, swans and david bowie
  • I'm guessing Weezer is gonna do another album. Please let it be good.
  • I'd love to see an el-p solo album more than another rtj right now
  • both would be aight
  • geo's 2016 hype, ranked:

    1. anco
    2. radiohead
    3. grizzly bear
    4. james blake
    5. kanye (would be higher if i were more hyped on his recent material)
    6. swans
    7. david bowie
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    andy stott and jon hopkins are due for some new material as well, but i'll hold off on adding them until there is some actual talk of their next releases
  • oh yeah kanye

  • i have faith
  • @secondplanet WHAT. Officially hyped for that.
  • i mean an album isn't official from what i know but if they don't continue that collab they're insane
  • wasn't James Blake supposed to drop Radio Silence this year? dang jimmy u tease
  • oh hey remember that one time we thought madvillainy 2 might actually drop this year lolololol
  • oh yeah i guess i should add frank ocean. where the hell is that album
  • just listening to gogo penguin play a live set on the new bbc radio jazz channel and they said they have a new album out on blue note next year. judging by the sound of these tracks i am major hype for dis ting!
  • @benneh i was supposed to be at that gig but i couldn't make it :(
  • damn man, kamasi's on now and absolutely killing it!
  • apparently he is playing tomorrow in london aswell because he has had to cancel his show in paris...
  • I didn't actually know it was being recorded, at least that means I can listen back to it which makes up for missing it a little bit!
  • yeah although i think being there might of been just ever so slightly better! ;)
  • haha yeah, just a little bit!
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