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morning radio sucks


  • Radio sucks
  • You don't live in Buffalo
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    It's still early but I'd guess the temperature coming out of my faucet is around 45 Fahrenheit. Way too cold to reasonably take a cold shower.
  • There's no heat in my bathroom so one of my favorite things in the world is a really hot shower in the middle of winter.

    The only time I ever go for a cold shower is like when it's 85 or higher.
  • hey guys don't go ragging on the industry I'm trying to get into.
  • we need water man.
  • Kevin Hart is really not that funny
  • i abhor kevin hart. he has never made me laugh.
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    i seriously once put on one of his specials with two of my friends just to see how long it would take for one of us to laugh. after about 15 minutes of shit, i started laughing at how unfunny one of his jokes was, and we were finally free

    i think he had one ostrich joke that was pretty good. aside from that i really don't find his schtick appealing
  • season 1 of real husbands of hollywood is really good but other than that i agree
  • his stand-up just seems like really repetitive Bitches Be Like humor and i can get that from better comedians
  • real husbands is just so weird and absurd and a lot of it is about how unfunny kevin is and how everyone hates him
  • its definitely not for everyone but i loved it and i hate his stand up and his movies a decent quantity 
  • Hating Kevin Hart is not really all that controversial.
  • probably not but he stinks. Jeff Dunham smells too but most people know that by now
  • Hart was good on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • I have almost no interest in the lyrics of a song. I have absolutely NO interest into delving into the deeper meanings. I like a good absurdist turn of phrase a- la Frank Black (whose words are a model of nonsensical deliciousness) Teenager of the Year is chock full of good examples. The lyrics are there and everywhere but fill out the sound of the music with a relatable-human presence. (aside from recognizing that the performances are of human origin, once the sound leaves the speaker it becomes trancendental and un-graspable). You can be pleasantly surprised that a song is about the speed of light, but by the time you have recognized this that moment is 186000 miles away just like a photon.

    I like old, narrative raps where Biz is moralizing about the Vapors, or where Slick Rick is telling a story about what happened at the wherever when somebody did whatever. But those stories are rarely held up as grand and meaningful. They are what they are and shocking or amusing or whatever else they may be, they are fleeting moments and long gone.

    If I want to be impressed with deep-thinking and profound revelations I turn to serious writers of fiction....not rock stars or rappers.

    And it is likely that nobody gives a fuck about my opinion either, and that is only right and good and proper as well.
  • @ttk is morning radio still a thing in Australia? I mean it's still a thing here too but I'm kind of amazed considering it's almost all either hokey racist old guys and tiny-dick frat dudes doing it here
  • i wake up to hot 97 and sometimes its the voice of louis farrakhan
  • Yeah, it is. But it's not all shock jocks and old racist guys.
    At least where I am, it's about the community, and helping the community. That's kind of the function or radio in these smaller cities. I also feel community radio has a lot of good things, and can help express various interesting ideas and views on culture.

    The bigger cities with their big national radio shows are a little more like the U.S. format.
    I ultimately feel that radio is just rebranding itself, more as a voice of community rather than a medium like television or film it once was seen as (even though I feel there should be more radio programs like in the UK, that's a trick they're really missing out on. They're killing it in terms of radio in the UK, utilising the medium to its fullest extent)

    I kind of blurped and put a bunch of text which may or may not be relevant there, so forgive me if it's not.

    And Bill, don't worry about that. I'm definitely more of a music than lyrics guy, but my policy is that good lyrics can add to a song, but bad or mediocre lyrics won't take away from it.
    Like Beck's whimsical obscuro raps don't really bug me like they may some people, but when there's lyrical depth in a record I will be drawn into the world the song creates, because it gives me something else to listen to when I relisten to the song.
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    +TTK I definitely think "good" lyrics add to the overall effect, but I must disagree with bad or mediocre lyrics not taking away. 

    Here's my example and then I'll leave it alone: East Cameron Folkcore is a popular Austin act that may not be as well known as Spoon, Explosions in the Sky, the Sword, et al. but they get around and tour Germany and shit and they happened to be in the studio at the same time as my band (again, THIS IS NOT MY BAND). I heard this album a LOT while it was being made and until the vocals got laid down I thought it was their finest work. I can assure you this song would be infinitely improved by different or even NO lyrics. It's cringeworthy...but the music is nice, especially at the halfway mark and the quiet ending...

    But really, REALLY bad lyrics...

  • agreed with billy on that response. bad lyrics can definitely hurt a song--i don't know how you'd think otherwise
  • so you "have almost no interest in the lyrics of a song", but bad lyrics can take away from the song for you?
    Sorry I'm not following.

    Also Geo, it's not that they don't hurt it, I'll just tune them out. I mean I was speaking broadly, some genres are more audible than others.

    goodness I was agreeing with someone and now I'm on a "side", a SIDE against others clamouring to explain myself.
    Oh well, I guess another day in the life of me.
  • Well you can't help but hear them (most of the time)...and if they are distracting then there's just no getting around it. It's not like I can remix them out.

    People like words in their songs, not everybody can be (insert favorite instrumental band here)....and for that matter not everything works instrumentally. So there's no avoiding them for the most part.

    I try to always appreciate them as a *sound*, part of the arrangement or just a unique instrument. I guess I just don't find the words themselves that interesting for the most part. And I have a disdain for putting the philosophies of largely hackneyed poets on a pedestal.

  • Oh, that's what you mean. I guess that's a fair assessment.
    Also I have to say I don't know if I've come across any lyrics that are all that cringeworthy.

    I mean if they're that bad, the music behind it usually is as well, and so by that time, I've stopped listening.
  • "in a silent way" is the best miles davis album... come at me!
  • That steaming pile probably wasn't even the best thing he played that day. What a disgusting and irresponsible thing to even suggest.
  • well someone's passionate about their miles davis preferences
  • That's just me being a troll. I figured using the adjectives irresponsible and disgusting would be clear enough....could those words even be germane in a music criticism? I don't think it's even possible.
  • Satanism is less harmful than practically every organized religion.
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