Halloween Good Timing.

Here is some video I took of the Secret Chiefs 3 covering the Halloween theme last year @ Red 7 on 10/28/14. 

Of interest to some may be that I used Pivothead eyewear to record this and the sound quality is really outstanding IMO for just the tiny speaker that is on the glasses. I highly recommend them in lieu of holding phones up at shows, which is retarded.

Also on the bill:
Mike Watt Il Sogno del Marinaio (who fucking DESTROYED...one of the best shows I have seen in recent memory)


  • It's cool that Mike Watt is still doing stuff even if I really have no interest in it. A lot of dudes would have just fell off the Earth entirely.
  • he plays at random clubs in the LA area all the time but i dont know if he's doing anything else
  • He still puts out records doesn't he? I remember The Missingmen being a thing.
  • apparently he's also in The Stooges? Weird.
  • Il Sogno del Marinaio was a really unique style too. Somewhere between a foreign film soundtrack and a concept album. Jazzy and subtle. It was really well performed. I was impressed with the band and Mike's playing was taaaasty. I have most of that set too on video. If anybody wants to see it I can YT it. 
  • The Stooges still exist? Weird.
  • Half of the original members are dead. Weird.
  • In fact I think that Iggy may be the only surviving original member.
  • nah they're old it ain't that weird. how the heck is iggy pop still alive i dont know
  • I know, I was just going along with the "weird" thing. Iggy Pop is a fucking mummy.
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