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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • No but also Cincinnati deserves a lot of the blame for that. There are ways to fund these concrete giants without completely hampering the books. 

    this is a case where I think wanting the system to change is fair, but also completely unrealistic. All we can hope for is that municipalities start to understand what will absolutely crush them and what will not. Public funding for stadiums sucks, but it's ultimately the way things work and it can also be done without permanently and irreparably changing a city for the worse. There's probably been 50+ new stadiums and arenas built in the last 20 years alone and I highly doubt that every single one of those cities is struggling to foot the cost.

    I give him credit for informing everyone of the general bullshit-ness of this practice, but nothing will ever change about this. Billionaires aren't just gonna start handing out their cash when they could be threatening people and keeping it instead.
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    i dunno man, i mean i agree that nothing will ever change about this but like i said it's also partly because not enough people care enough to try to. if sports fans either stay stans for their teams and deny that there could be anything bad about them sucking their cities dry or go with your passive fatalist approach then yeah i can guarantee you absolutely not a thing will change
  • You're playing on people's passion for sports for support. This debate is totally coming to Buffalo in the next few years and it's more than likely going to result in a massive new stadium being built downtown.

    and while I want that desperately to happen without public money, I know it's extremely unlikely despite us having one of the richest owners in pro sports. We're gonna eat a shit sandwich and we're gonna be really happy about it.
  • So the latest episode of gravity falls was awesome
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    not that sports fans have the most power in this situation, but I'm saying that if there more of an outcry about stuff like this from the fanbases of these teams it would at least be something. that people are either fatalistic, apathetic, or completely ignorant and blinded by fandom about it is extremely stupid
  • go bills
  • wait isnt watching jon oliver or tv whateverer the same thing as watching sports and thus endorsing the financial institution that surrounds it
  • stadiums wouldnt exist at the scale that they do if it wasnt for the content consumption of tv viewers
  • if everyone continued to watch TV but discontinued watching sports, sports-related funding would certainly drop. so no, it's not the same thing (not that i have any stake in this argument whatsoever)
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    i donno. can u like just pay for a couple channels u want to watch or do you have to pay for em all? not sure havnt watched tv since i moved out of my parents house 4 years ago but i think i remember we had to pay for all of them in order to get the fun ones
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    but that would be cool if you could just pay for the channel you wanted and boycott the ones you dont agree with directly. for some reason i dont think thats the case via national content distribution control by like 2 or 3 corporations
  • That argument doesn't work for Last Week Tonight as nobody really is paying for HBO that doesn't want it.
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    tv funding and scheduling is based on ratings--what people watch ( if viewership of football was cut in half, they'd lose a ton of money (regardless of whether people had a channel that played football)
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    i think because its there and its huge everyone will watch it. and its huge because its on a network within a collection of networks that are all interdependent thru a massive ad trafficking platform. but yes, the neilsen rating ensures the success of the platform and not necessarily the individual networks. the issue is that the platform stabalizes the ratings so that the existent infastructure around the platform such as stadiums can continue to operate
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    i dont think alotta ppl watch sports because they inherently want to watch them. they watch them because its the only thing to watch and to talk about because everyone else is in the same situation.
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    same with a lot of the pitchfork content we talk about here
  • you're right by saying that people won't just stop watching sports for a host of reasons. but i don't think people who have tv subscriptions and don't watch sports are actively funding the stadium issues talked about above (because if everyone did the same, the money being poured into sports would surely decrease). 
  • you're basically saying that people don't actually like sports, which is kinda the least true thing I've ever heard.

    People like sports because they find it compelling.
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    @kyle nah i made an effort to use the term "alotta" because ive been in a situation via university where the only thing anyone is ever talking about is sports because thats the only thing alotta ppl know how to talk about.
  • and these are the future engineers and statisticians and doctors and writers and really smart ppl. there's just this culture that keeps growing giving men an alternate world to live in where there's certain laws of machismo which guide discourse away from very real and basic human concerns. it becomes even more apparent with the domestic situation of the suburban household where the dominant male escapes into a world of HD dogpiles while the dominant female reads the next iteration of gone girl
  • or maybe they just like sports
  • maybe they do lol i have no idea
  • yeah i mean, liking sports is a pretty general phenomenon. i don't like watching a lot of sports, but i do love watching tennis--i imagine almost everyone has at least one sport they like. 
  • I'm pretty good at talking about wrestling now
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    it certainly is a general phenomenon and as humans we use our scientific method to figure out how to influence the behavior of the subject to validate hypotheses within the context of a general phenomenon. sports is a wonderful place for that, especially for trying get ppl to buy things and fit into certain behavioral patterns
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    i donno i just kinda see us like dogs just running around and having fun but then there's electric collars and special food for us because if not we'll eat ourselves sick on human food and run away into the street and get hit by humans cars while our human purpose is to satisfy some kind of loneliness of our owners
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    "Beauty is not the goal of competitive sports, but high-level sports are a prime venue for the expression of human beauty. The relation is roughly that of courage to war. 

    "The human beauty we’re talking about here is beauty of a particular type; it might be called kinetic beauty. Its power and appeal are universal. It has nothing to do with sex or cultural norms. What it seems to have to do with, really, is human beings’ reconciliation with the fact of having a body."

    That's why I love basketball--people in constant motion and moving more with the grace of dancers than brutes. 

  • I mean watching Jordan's old highlights, or watching a running back juke a linebacker out of their shoes, or to watch a great hitter hit a ball in slow motion with perfect form--these are not shallow entertainments. They're kind of amazing. 
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