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The fine art of tv: Season 2



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    i don't sports but one of my good friends lived in the south for a while. he said people at bars would sometimes say racist shit to him but talking about sports was a way to move past that. once he proved he knew about football then they'd stop. i thought that was kinda interesting.
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    I enjoy watching pretty much every popular sport. While I rarely watch any sporting events on my own, it is something I definitely enjoy watching in a social setting and I really get into it. I was more of a sports nut during my teenage years. These days, the main sports I sometimes make a point to watch on my own are boxing and soccer
  • Sports fanatics can definitely be boring or annoying, but people who act superior for not being interested at all in sports are just as annoying
  • I honestly hate watching sports in a social setting. People are way too distracting when I'm trying to watch a damn hockey game.
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    I'm with you Mark, I can't stand to be around more than 2 other people watching sports and they need to be as into it as I am. All conversations will be about the game because that is the activity we are actively engaged in.

    we can talk about the rest of the human experience after the horn blows.
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    thats really great you guys appretiate sports on like a deep level. im more interested in the anthropological implications of commercial sports entertainment in the post-capitalist world but like yeah space jam is a chill movie and tbh i always wanted to pole vault over a barbed wire fence
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    i often wish i liked sports because it's such a great equalizer. no matter where in the united states (and most of the world) you are and no matter how different you are, sports are always something people know and care about. i think that's pretty cool but then i watch ten minutes of football and i'm sleepy
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    also i love tossing the friz with the bros on some fresh cut grass. i dont really like ultimate frisbee tho so it might not be sports
  • that's the shitty thing though, if you earnestly don't care about sports you're left out of so much of the cultural conversation for some reason
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    u guys like competition tho? I think competition is like the worst thing ever but then again i havent reproduced yet so i guess should embrace it at least until i win the favor of someone enough to impregnate them. but other than that i think im doing just fine without it
  • @robby it's because not liking sports is objectively wrong
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    i generally like ppl that arnt into sports because they're usually into other things that im more interested in. also the eagles have been doing so shitty there is absolutely no reason why i wouldnt denounce the ritual. if i was sports fan champion from a sports fan champion town id prolly really enjoy talking about them. 
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    I don't think sports are a near universal interest in this country outside of football or during the finals of a respective league.

    talking about a local team can be like that, especially if said local team is good at the sportsing.
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    my high school were state champions in football a bunch of times, it was horrible we had a statue of a football player greet you when you entered the town
  • that sounds horrible. I'm glad you got through that. are you okay? I'm here if you need to talk to someone.
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    @kile ive never been to buffalo but everywhere ive been in this wide ass country sports has been a huge fixture and a common introduction following "where are you from" from most ppl i meet. 
  • Do you guys remember when Austin wanted to get into sports as a conversation lubricant? I wonder if that ever worked out for him.

    Like I didn't choose to be passionate about sports, I just don't remember ever not being interested in them. Hockey was something I cared about even as a little kid even though my parents weren't all that interested in it.
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    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  • It is true. We do always try to walk it in...
  • apparently the first few episodes of Rick and Morty s2 leaked D:
  • I guess the unfortunate thing is that the animation isn't 100% final. I think I can wait another week.
  • the first leaked episode is so good. i couldn't help myself. based on its quality, this is going to be another stellar season
  • @existence Yeah, they're pretty decent.
  • ahh, i watched the second one, too. this show has no boundaries; it just does whatever the fuck it wants. can't wait for the rest of the episodes
  • I guess it can hold me off till venture bros returns

  • fargo season 2 trailer has me majorly hyped: 

    my favorite show of last year for sure. did the movie justice.
  • the last ep dropped the ball a little bit (not as badly as True Detective) but yeah the first season of Fargo was great. excited for this one
  • Jesse Plemons? Ugh, Todd.
  • Bob Odenkirk was on the last season, I definitely wanna see more of Jesse Plemons
  • BoJack Horseman is kind of amazing this season...specifically e7
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