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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • @Robby Absolutely! Love him.

    Also, Rick and Morty is quite good this season!
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    @geogadd1 woah for a second i thought you found out my real name

    i guess now you have it >-)
  • hey my name's mason! pretty close!
  • trailer for nathan for you, looks like another incredible season:
  • You guys will never find out my name
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    @NapalmDeath pff, we all know your name is Napalm Death
  • @geogadd1 i need to watch that, the trailer was hilarious
  • oh god, yes you do. you should just search for clips on youtube, there are a bunch of snippets that will make you even more keen to watch. it's seriously brilliant
  • Rick and Morty!!! Morty's Mind Blowers was fucking amazing. every fucking moment was hilarious. Best episode of the whole fucking season, easily top 5 of the whole show.
  • I'm one behind. I watched the citadel episode yesterday, which was great.
  • yea - i hope the citadel episode arcs into the season finale. i don't think "evil morty" is the right name for him. maybe the "Rickest Morty" and maybe there's connection in that as to why "Evil Morty" targeted The Rickest Rick.
  • i really liked morty's mind blowers but no way it was better than the atlantis/citadel ep... but it was just as good as interdimensional cabel i, really stunning vignettes
  • psh - it's better!

    the squirrels! the fuckin light switch!!!
    nah- Morty's Mind Blowers is tops!
  • the jokes were amazing, and i loved basically all of the bits (the "perfect level" thing was particularly genius). but it wasn't nearly as narratively inventive as atlantis.
  • i haven't seen morty's mind blowers yet but atlantis/citadel was one of the best episodes they've done
  • best episodes are meeseeks, rixty minutes, first evil morty, the parasites who make up wacky characters and atlantis

    those are like what this show is about. not just being funny, but being excellent character building (while being hilarious)

  • I want "Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV?" on my tombstone
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    There's tons of narrative in Morty's Mind Blowers!!

    Summer's character development is massive in this episode and it connects from the 1st inter-dimensional episode Rixty Minutes.
    Summer is the unexpected outcome that saves Rick and Morty from themselves.

    from the 1st Rixty minutes, we know that Summer is not born in every dimension. For the most part, Jerrys and Beths don't have a Summer - she has trouble finding realities of herself except for the 1 when she's plays Yahtzee. Summer's been developed as having an intuitive understanding of Rick's logic and we learn from Morty's mind Blowers that Rick puts extreme trust in her to help them when EVERYTHING turns to shit.

    ( blank blank blank blank) and then Summer walks in and assesses the situation and solves it.

    We know a ton about Summer AND a shit ton about how valued she is to Rick. Which I believe also implies how - without her - so many realities spiral out of control. She's been the least born, but has great value.
  • I might even say that Rick has been intentionally collecting the "est" of his family. Beth and Jerry remain static - but the kids change.

    We have the Rick-est Rick,
    the Morty-est Morty (and the audiences is given room to suspect that THIS Morty was not the Rickest-Rick 1st Morty)
    they end up having to change dimension and then land with
    the Summer-est Summer.

    I would support that with her increased involvement immediately AFTER Rick Potion #9 season 1. The next episode is the 1st time Summer is allowed to go on an adventure with Rick. It's that Summer, our currectly Summer who is the Summer-est of Summers.

    The Rick-est Rick has been collection the "-est" of his family. ( maybe purposfully - makes sense that the Rick-est Rick would secure a better team).
  • hm that's an interesting point, i had never thought about it before but you're probably right
  • still haven't seen morty's mind blowers tho
  • Y'all are talking gibberish to me because I still haven't gotten to this new season LOL
  • I've seen the pickle Rick thing so many times at this point without having any idea of what the context is
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    PICKLE RICK!!!!!

    uh, geez - im having a tough day with spelling.
  • i don't mean overarching, series-wide narrative. as in, i'm not talking about whether morty's mind-blowers adds more or less to what we know about the characters. i'm talkin the internal narrative of the episode. morty's mind blowers is quite a simple narrative structure. it's "let's try this thing" -> "conflict leads to thing going bad" -> "thing gets resolved", with the vignettes propping up the whole episode (adding depth that otherwise wouldn't be there). atlantis literally has five or six interlocking narratives that all lead naturally to a brilliant climax; the narrative structure is so complex that i couldn't reasonably type it here. not to mention the voice work in atlantis is beyond good, with roiland somehow making tens of similar-looking characters have their own idiosyncrasies.

    i mean, interdimensional cable-type episodes are meant to be clip shows. and this was a brilliant clip show. but it was nowhere near as inventive as atlantis or the season premiere, imo.
  • Season premier was pretty crazy, I had to watch the body switching scene three or four times before I could completely process everything that happened
  • Caught the newest one--it was indeed awesome!
  • when fucking Jimmy Kimmel goes harder on republicans than any major news organization

  • This number is so fucking useful! i called all 3 of my reps.

    Thanks, Robby
  • that number is 202-224-3121 for anyone paying attention - goes directly to your congresspeople
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