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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • that video gave me a little more respect for Kimmel.

    Normally he seems like the most faceless and boring of all the late night hosts, but he went in and honestly I gotta give him props.
  • Yeah he left a terrible impression on me when he hosted the Oscars (EXAMPLE: when introducing Isabelle Huppert, he makes a smug joke about how no one in the audience has seen Elle. I wanted to yell "FUCK YOU" at the screen.)

    But good on him, this makes him automatically the least terrible of the Twin Jimmys of Late Night Boredom. Can you imagine Fallon actually taking a stand like that? Or a stand for anything for that matter?
  • oh man, i think jimmy kimmel is significantly better than jimmy fallon. i actually enjoy a good amount of his content--like the street interviews, all the young kid stuff ("lie detective" rocks), etc.--and think he's a far more empathetic and interesting interviewer. also, the whole thing where he addressed his kid's heart surgery was extremely moving and delivered with grace.
  • I dislike him the least, let's put it that way. But his "feud" with Matt Damon has always been funny, especially in that Oscars ceremony
  • Kimmel is doing the next Oscars too, and if Downsizing and Suburbicon both bust (they will) expect more Kimmel-Damon bashing.
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    Oh great so the guy that's hosting the biggest night for movies back to back years is the same guy that thinks Deadpool should've been nominated and has no respect for foreign films GREAT AWESOME WHAT A GREAT FUCKIN TIME FOR CINEMA

    (like he's an undeniably talented entertainer and host but he clearly doesn't give a shit about movies, shouldn't that be kind of important in choosing a host? Ugh fine mini rant over)
  • They actually picked him months ago. Given he always does an Oscars post-show, I almost feel like he's been prepped for this for years.
  • yeah, i don't like him as an oscars host. shame.
  • The Diarrhea Times

    (seriously last night's Nathan For You was so great)
  • fuck yes, someone else watched it!! god i love this show, funniest thing on tv for me. the $1001 dollar thing killed me. i just love how nathan gets like 5 absurd schemes deep and these people just play along
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    oh dude I've been a fan since the first season

    and yeah my favorite aspect of the show is just how needlessly complicated everything has to be
  • yeah i picked that up, glad to have another fan on the board!! anyone else watch this show? i really think it's the funniest thing on tv and perhaps the funniest show since arrested development (just in terms of raw laugh production haha)

    here's one of the most hilarious scenes to hook you:
  • i watched the first two seasons but i'm not caught up, i enjoy it a lot
  • last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm involved Larry getting a death sentence from the leader of Iran

    god I'm so glad this show is back
  • such a good show, i need to catch up
  • makes me laugh so goddamn much
  • i'm into the show "Big Mouth" I've been really enjoying it.
  • Why did no one tell me David Fincher had a new TV show?
  • big mouth is fucking great. been binging it.

    also about to binge new stranger things. HYPE
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    "you're picturing it and we're talking about it"

  • two new shows y'all should check out that are super funny:

    1. the good place
    2. people of earth
  • neither being talked about enough imo, both super smart and super funny and super unique
  • bingeing "the good place". yea, it's pretty good.
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    people acting suprised by the Louis C.k allegations, hasn't this has been public knowledge for at least a couple years? I remember specifically stopping watching his show when the allegations first surfaced because he did nothing to deny them
  • not like because it was a moral imperative or anything but because i couldn't enjoy it anymore because i just kept thinking about that
  • there's been rumours circulating around for a while
  • this NYT article is very thoroughly sourced, the window of plausible deniability is shrinking fast
  • i'm not surprised at all, nor is anyone who's been following him and/or the news intently. but we i guess just diverge on the artist/art thing and that is fine. i love woody allen films (as i know nick does), and i love louie (the show). nor can i really stop doing so. but fuck him
  • edited November 2017
    i don't think anyone is wrong for enjoying those things to be clear, i've never liked woody allen but i definitely used to enjoy Louis C.k.

    and it's not to say it'd be impossible to laugh, or get anything out of his art but I feel like so much around Louis C.k's schtick is based around him like "being a fucked up but ultimately good guy just trying to figure things out" and when his show is literally him playing himself it becomes harder and harder to separate the art from the artist.
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