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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • I got one episode left to finish the season, but yeah I agree it's pretty great. That episode is good, but so far I've liked episode 11 the best.
  • Episode 11 is amazing.
  • i've been meaning to start bojack--what comedy is it most similar to?
  • e11 was great, you gotta love a show with the balls to redeem its character in the same episode that turns him back into a repugnant asshole
  • Archer, Rick & Morty, Futurama? w/dashes of Mad Men and Californication spliced in.
  • alright i'm on board
  • wait people thought true detective's last ep of s01 was a disappointment?
  • a few people, including yours truly
  • I don't even remember how it ended, but I remember thinking it wasn't good.
  • It was so cliche and hollywood, and it reduced a complex mythology it spent 9 episodes building up to to an apathetic shrug.
  • how the fuck did i not know the Wachowskis had a netflix show?
  • The end of Bojack season 2 is so great. 
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    I hear Sense8 is fascinating, Robby. Very Cloud Atlas-y. I just have too many shows to catch up on before I get to it. 

    Finish Twin Peaks rewatch, Hannibal, Season FOUR of GoT lol

    Probably even Unbreakable Kimmy S.
  • I have such a hard time convincing people to watch Bojack.. I don't blame them, I thought it looked stupid before I actually watched it
  • It's one of the most honest looks at depression I think I've ever seen in a TV show, which unfortunately for most people also isn't much of a selling point
  • I watched a couple of episodes of Bojack and didn't get it at all. It's one of those things that will probably remain lost on me.
  • it definitely takes a while to warm up... but it eventually does a really good job of walking the line between humor and sadness
  • the first 2-3 episodes are shaky. i recommend at least trying out s2
  • spoiler question for Bojack:

    what happened to the owl character? is there a resolution there that i missed or did the show just completely forget about that character?
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    They broke up, and I think the show was done with her at that point. 
  • remind me how that happened
  • you highlighted this for no reason. So here's the word penis to make you laugh
  • he broke up with her because she wanted to fix him but couldn't so he ran away to arizona to be with that deer from back in the day
  • thanks
  • Just finished the season and now I want the next one to be released already. I almost feel though that the last episode wrapped everything up too well

  • not enough ppl watched it because it's on a weird channel, but Fortitude is one of the best shows of that post-post-Twin-Peaks genre that's so popular with the kids these days. yall would dig it I bet. (soundtrack by ben frost!)
  • Anybody watching Mr. Robot?
  • new season of Review starts tonight. It's probably the funniest show on TV that nobody watches.
  • 6 seasons is a great number, in my honest opinion. 

    Maybe they'll get that movie. 
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