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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • i'm not saying anyone else should feel that way, but it's how i do
  • there's definitely some artists who are shitty people whose art i enjoy
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    the woody allen thing i said in the other thread is probably unfair, fuck him and also i think his movies aren't funny and the idea of calling someone's identity or genuineness or whatever into question because of taste is a dumb thing to do
  • but those two things are unrelated
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    Everyone picks and chooses with this thing, there’s too much great art made by too many cruddy people for every consumer to be held at the same standard. I’m not personally interested in seeing any new Polanski movies, but I (half) liked Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, just for example. I would support anyone’s right to support or not support whatever art they choose, just because I don’t think I wanna support Louis anymore doesn’t mean I’m gonna shout down anyone who does

    I mean shit, I enjoy black metal and the people in those early bands are straight-up murderous scumbags
  • There are still R Kelly apologists, and he's up there in terms of the horrible people.

    I feel kinda weird when I jam out to Ignition Remix
  • didn’t he headline pitchfork fest one year? It makes no sense how selective the music world is with this shit
  • yeah, he did. like, what the fuck?
  • *post that ripfork article we've all read*
  • Yea I wasn't trying to accuse anyone of being morally wrong or anything and I'm very sorry if it came out that way, I was just expressing where I stand rn and didn't mean to come across as doing anything different
  • We're all fighting to figure these things out and my way is no more valid than anyone else's
  • I don't buy that we have no moral responsibility to the art we consume but I also don't think it's wrong in any specific given instance. Like many things the truth is complicated and somewhere in the middle
  • And I'm as guilty as anyone sometimes, but it doesn't mean it's right either
  • @toon_malk This might be the cynical response, but I think the only thing to do is protest these indecent and immoral acts with our wallets. That's all the studios and networks care about, and the potential losses is what determines what actions are taken as a result of these allegations.
  • yea i agree but the reality is consumption of art = capital, that's just the world we live in. you can remove yourself one or two or three steps from it but if you support an artists art you're probably giving them money directly or indirectly
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    which is why it's a hard problem, we can agree that if coca cola makes stuff with slave labor that maybe we should boycott coke (whether we actually do or not) but we give artists a pass because they make stuff with emotions

    artists are businesses on some level whether we like it or not, even artists that reject that notion depend on it to continue to make art
  • one could imagine a society in which that isn't true but i don't think that's the reality under which we operate
  • i'm certainly open to it if someone can present an argument to the contrary but I think as long as art = capital on some level that while the separate art from artist argument is appealing that it is also incomplete
  • @toon_malk what do you mean by consumption?
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    Like the blu ray I own or the pirated copy I downloaded can be played without supporting the artist in any way (unless I spread word of mouth, and other people go consume the art because of that).
  • yea I mean you kinda answered your own question visa-vi my perspective
  • does anybody really only pirate from artists who they view as unethical? and do they consume that art in a vacuum?
  • there are worse things in the world, but its not like its clean
  • If a vegetarian is given meat for free, should they eat it?
  • You could certainly make an argument for yes and for no, I just hate that the consensus is that it's a settled argument
  • I know what I would do, I would eat the free meat. But that doesn't mean it's the best option
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    @toon_malk idk, i think i'm in a weird mood. i'm just saying the most basic things as if everyone else hasn't already thought of it. i think i've been kind of depressed this week so i hate reading my own words or hearing my own voice.
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    I think you make a good point, I'm just playing the argument out. I actually am pretty sure I land on your side of the debate but I feel like people treat it like it's a philosophical question with an answer and I don't think it is
  • Your perspective is important and I want to hear it, I think this is one of those topics where it's impossible for either of us to be right so the entire topic exists in the conversation
  • like I remember Fantano made a video on the subject and just used some very surface level arguments about it and everyone on the comments agreed and I made a pretty reasonable comment along the lines of what I'm saying here that was like "I don't think it's fair to dismiss this argument, I think it's more complicated than Fantano is making it" and I got downvoted to oblivion
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