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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • it's nice that this series can generate such disagreement. but i'm sure we can all agree that "san junipero" and "white christmas" are fucking amazing
  • it just didn't feel like it provided much insight to me besides "social media is bad, am I right?" I feel like it's really hard to make effective commentary on social media because we're all so deep in all the time and like yea it's definitely dystopian but I already knew that and I live with it every day so just pointing out how dystopian it is isn't enough for me
  • it's not that i thought the concept was bad, but just that i don't feel like it went anywhere that actually provided me with more insight. the lighting and cinematography in the episode was mad cool tho
  • the science behind "san jun" and "white christmas" is amazing! and i think they're really inseparable, not only from each other, but also the "USS Callister"

    cuz the concept is so incredibly harsh and expanding and i fucking LOVE how it expanded with USS Callister. The beginning of a space story with replicants.

    anyway, AHHH there's more but i have spoilers and i started to talk about "Voyager" and it just went on....

    i fucking love those 3 episodes compared and expanded upon off each other.
  • San Jun was def one of my favorite. Haven't seen new season yet
  • yea. taking my time a bit, too with the new season
  • @toon that's a fair critique. otoh, i thought it successfully pushed social media to its logical extreme - that is, linking it with your perceived value as a person no matter where you are or who you're with - and slickly demonstrated the many potential pitfalls of that extreme, where we are quite possibly headed (at least in some form). that the civilization depicted was beautiful and efficient yet still incredibly terrifying and dystopian was a neat accomplishment. plus, i thought bryce dallas howard's performance was absolutely phenomenal & the set design etc. was incredible.
  • like, we are not close to that. i know it seems like we are, but you can for sure live just fine without social media or with a "subpar" presence. "nosedive" elucidated what would happen if social media was inescapable and tied, practically, to your livelihood. it was successful in most respects, to me.
  • My point is that it's an obvious extrapolation in my opinion. It didn't do anything that surprised me, subverted my expectations, or made me think more critically about the subject matter
  • And that would be forgivable if I liked the protagonist lol
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    definitely a less surprising black mirror episode but also just set nearer in the future - not everything need be post-singularity (as demikat highlighted, though, those are some of the best episodes). for me, black mirror doesn’t have to surprise to be thought-provoking. you could call a lot of the episodes fairly obvious extrapolations, actually; AI and digital consciousness have been explored to death. doesn’t make the head-on, thorough narrative look through black mirror’s lens less compelling.

    we’ll agree to disagree
  • i mean the best episodes are so unique, take san jun for instance. i don't mean surprising like "ahhh what a twist!", i mean surprising as in i don't think i would have ever thought of it or at least in that way
  • i feel like you could make a black mirror episode generator just by taking a few shallow concepts from 80's sci fi and some crushed up adderall and shaking them around in a gatorade bottle.

    i still find myself coming back to it for the what if technologies but too much. maybe its not actually me watching it but a simulation of myself if i were to ever buy a netflix account.
  • but i agree with anyone here who's not that into it. i don't think its very thought out beyond the first 15 minutes and i usually finish the episodes feeling betrayed. maybe it just me. or maybe its a simulation of me if i ever were to have this opinion.

    or maybe the me that disagrees with this is going to hunt me down. and there will be an intense chainsaw battle on a space station but its actually not a space station and i've never actually seen an episode.
  • nah, my friend has the same opinion. black mirror has a lot of pretty staunch haters, and i can understand why - the worst episodes have the same effect on me. but i really like some others, can’t help myself—and much of that doesn’t have to do with the “lesson” about “hey evil tech” but instead with enjoying the world-building, performances, and cinematography
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    I think it's hit or miss. Best episodes are great but 50% are misses for me. While Ocaml's description is super apt, sometimes I like 80s sci-if, sometime I like aderal and sometimes I even like gatorade
  • Uppers make you thirsty
  • haha, same toon

  • I would like to play with Ocaml shallow 80s sci-fi concept grab and adderall-laced bottle concoction.
    i'll just stock up on water.
  • can we all do this sometime?
  • Yes ^
    Harry's Moving Castle is a channel that I'm into (for a lot of reasons it caught my attention)
    all his approaches to dissection USS Callister are fucking awesome

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    Atlanta is coming back in March and that’s really all I care about in this world right now
  • ooh fuck yeah
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    just dropping in to say that "hang the dj" was wonderful, truly one of the best black mirror episodes, largely because of the clear and natural chemistry between the leads. "black museum," on the other hand, was really quite poor, almost a parody of the show itself & a great example of why ocaml/my friend dislike the show. it was basically a grab-bag of rehashed sci-fi-gone-wrong concepts, mostly told through flashbacks, that featured a rushed, contrived ending that made me laugh multiple times because of its ridiculousness. it was fun to watch but pretty damn bad, can't believe it's one of the higher-rated episodes on imbd
  • search party season 2 was great
  • Finally watched black mirror season 4 and it was pretty awesome imo, best season since the first one. Only episode I was on the fence about was crocodile
  • I liked black museum, I thought the dialogue was very weak (along with many black mirror episodes) but it had a raw viscerality that I really appreciated and tbh viscerality is what that show excels in and I don't think that's a bad thing

    For me when the show fails is when it tries too hard to be deep like that politics episode with the bear and the social media one from the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

    I agree "hang the dj" was exceptional definitely one of the best they've ever done, up there with san junipero and the Daniel Kaluuya one
  • huh, black museum seems pretty polarizing. it was entertaining for sure but i had a lot of problems with it. the biggest of which was the ending, which felt tacked-on to the point that i had no real satisfaction when the revenge came. i liked the sensation helmet vignette the most; the monkey one otoh felt like a rehash of all the “consciousness trapped in object” stuff they’ve done before. i get that the call backs were sort of the point, but it just didn’t feel fresh. my guess is they had some ideas floating around that weren’t substantial enough to carry their own episode, so they invented a plot to crudely stitch them together
  • Florida Man
  • waiting till the seasons over to binge it
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