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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • Is Michael Bluth really that far off from the real thing? You could almost picture Ron Howard narration over this bullshit.
  • “George Sr. knew his portrayal of a woman wasn’t going to win him any awards.”

    Actual line of dialogue from first new AD episode. HAHAHA BECAUSE TRANSPARENT GET IT
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Roseanne just got canned
  • Ohhh shiiiitttt

    Tim Allen next?
  • Tim Allen is a dimwitted idiot but he’s not Roseanne level terrible. Not yet anyway.
  • Roseanne Barr is basically Ted Nugent at this point
  • fair enough
  • We'll see what happens when the new season Last Man Standing comes out
  • Finally going through The Sopranos again (watched most of it years and years ago, edited for USA Network because we didn’t have HBO lol). “College” is such a perfect, perfect episode.
  • jesus christ someone nuke this guy plz
  • Bojack is back on the 14th
  • I really need to get on that show
  • New booojaaaack
  • so yea. Bojack was very great and intense: having created a SO MANY!!! characters you're not suppose to like, walking the line of humanizing and empathizing with their struggle while representing problematic features of those interpretation of said character and maintaining accountability for their behavior and action. stoic self-referential theme this season.

    the eulogy episode is the best.
  • It was amazing, for sure. It is such an easy show to marathon--you almost don't know you're doing it.
  • anyone wanna start a bojack podcast to take the whole journey again/depress the hell out of ourselves?
  • I’d be open to it
  • i just went through seasons 2 and 3 again recently,

    I'm about to get into season 4 and subsequently 5. I really fell behind.
  • edited September 2018
    what is your podcast vision? @thesamuelcooke

    format? framing devices per episode? round table discussion? Ringleader with supplemental guest speakers? or are you looking to create a team, and then through that collaboration, set the pace and style of the podcast?
  • Thinking an initial rewatch and review, discussing themes and probably going off on tangents due to said themes. Probably finding pace and style as I/we go.
  • interested.
    is there a process for participation?
  • “Free Churro” has the best closing punchline of any Bojack episode since the underwater episode
  • Nathan Fielder ended Nathan For You :(
  • edited October 2018
    Live action Anime adaptions to watch:

    Anime movie: "Bleach" was pretty good; a solid movie. 1 weird song about milk ^o^; good acting, good story!

    Manga adapation mini series: "Blazing Transfer Students: Reborn" Dedicated Acting!!!!!!! hilarious epescially if you're familiar with classic anime character troups. It's my fucking favorite right now. I've watched it start-to-stop twice. Still laughing!!!

  • Schitt's Creek is very amazing. it starts slow but it's totally fun and pretty hilarious.

  • This could be interesting, although if the title indicates that eventually we’re going to hear Mike talk about how much he loves his guns for the millionth time then it’ll be a hard pass.
  • Part 2 of the new season of Arrested Development is apparently out soon if that’s a thing anyone still cares about. Honestly couldn’t get more than 2 episodes into it last year and I’m not a completist for much of anything anymore so I think I’m out.
  • Just finished rewatching True Detective, Season 1. Still one of my all-time favorite seasons of TV.
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