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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • I hope so, and I hope even more that everyone comes back for it (even Chevy).
  • it had a great run given all of its constant obstacles, i still have to watch s6
  • I had a feeling this was going to happen so I've been saving the 2nd half of it for awhile.
  • season 6 is up there with season 2 for me, liked it a lot. I'd be okay with a movie but I think where they ended it is good. they kinda did that every season but this one felt especially final.
  • I finally started season 4 of Game of Thrones. I'm super behind. 
  • I gave up on Season 6 after like two episodes... I hear it got better but people also liked Season 5 and I really didn't
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    6 seasons is a perfect number.

    Especially if the season is the US standard of 20 or so eps per season.

    That's about 100 eps, that's syndication rights. Those kids will be gettin' paid for a while yet.
  • The last couple seasons only had 10-13 I think
  • They're at 110 total
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    would the s6 episodes be void for that count when it comes to syndication because of it being online?
  • I think Sony owns the show so I imagine they would? I dunno man this stuff makes my head hurt
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    I really don't wanna be that guy...

    but does anyone have an invite to that site that's like what but for tv.

    I wanna start watching this BoJack Horseman show but there's no way of doing it in Australia which is legal.

    nevermind I'm gonna go with a free month of netflix australia and watch the first two seasons to see if I like it.
    ps. netflix Australia has super shitty selections. Like, 150-200 movies at best, most of them from the past 10 years, and most of them are stuff I really really don't want to see.

    I managed to pick 12 for my "to watch" list, and a few of them are quite a stretch (Like A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swain, purely to see how bad it is)
  • watched the first four eps of BoJack, I like it a lot. Laughing often, enjoying the depressing stark life realisations.
  • that show is so good at being sad!
  • if anyone has BTN or PTP invites i'm looking as well...
  • I'm pretty sure you can get invites through the power user forum on what
  • 3 hours later and I've almost finished the first season.

    This Netflix thing is great, also I never sleep apparently.
  • time to become a power user 
  • "I'm sorry, is he telling a joke? It's hard to tell."
    "I don't know, sometimes I just laugh after he talks so he'll leave me alone."

    that is my interaction with every person ever. They all hate me. 

    This show is my jam.
  • im not eclectic enough to justify getting a what account. iv never had an album i cant find on the archive before
  • i guess if i was more of a quality d00d what would be better but i still listen to like a good 30% of my music on youtube so lol
  • i kind of had the same mindset before my friend pressured me into what. now i can't imagine not having it. it's incredibly great--has regular freeleeches (basically downloads that don't count against your ratio--which is easy to maintain with just seeding) that introduce you to a lot of great stuff you'd never have listened to otherwise, great comment sections that tend to have a lot of good information, early, quality leaks, cool forums, etc.

    and there are plenty of albums i've only been able to find on what. plus, you know the quality is always going to be great
  • I'm glad you dig it, Nick. It's one of my favorite shows. It just keeps getting better, imho.
  • I finished the season, gonna watch the second season over the weekend probably.

    I'm milkin this free month of Netflix for all its fucken worth
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    if anyone has any what invites i'm also looking, and i have a seedbox

    @geogadd1 did you go through the interview process, or get an invite somewhere?
  • I probably have what invites, but I'm not giving them to anyone that asks publically out of fear of getting banned.
  • edited August 2015
    @Kyle I get that, I wouldn't either. I'd like to hear how the interview process was, whatever details you feel you can share

    also if you could tell me about fight club that would be great.
  • edited August 2015
    i got an invite from a friend. but i recommended it to another friend, and she interviewed in just fine
  • When I joined there wasn't any kind of interview process I don't think. I would reccomend pming me your email address and I'll check if I have any invites.

    But seriously we ain't supposed to talk about this in public.
  • Jon Stewart is gone. I'm sad. 

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