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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • what a weird coincidence that his last night was the same night as the GOP debate
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    just finished binge watching s1-7 of watching parks and rec

    loved it, sad that it's over, glad that it stayed good and funny through all of it (unlike the office)

    moving on to bojack now, and i'm probably dropping true detective season 2. way too convoluted and aimless for me, kind of like this post.
  • Potentially controversial opinion alert.

    Season 9 of The Office is better than the 4 seasons that came before it and Greg Daniels was infinitely more important to that show's quality than the character of Michael Scott.
  • I don't think it's that contreversial. It's for sure better than 7 and 8.
  • Better than 5 and 6 is debateable but I could buy it.
  • @Mark I think the Internet was so negative about the show by the time season 9 came along that everybody was just pissed off and didn't realize it was kind of a great show again.
  • i grew to like parks' ensemble more than the office's and found them funnier as a whole, but michael scott was probably a funnier lead than leslie.

    season 9 of the office showed signs of improvement, but i agree with hedgeway that season 5 was probably better.
  • I wonder when they lost a lot of the creative staff for that show. Season 6 would make a lot of sense considering season 1 of parks is kind of a glorified pilot to begin with.
  • all I know is that Greg Daniels wrote some great Simpsons eps.

    Homer and Apu, Homer Badman, Bart Sells His Soul...
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    @kyle what did you not like about season 6? i didn't notice a drop in quality in that season, but i have horrible taste with just about everything. and it all runs together when you binge.
  • Remembering specific details about the individual seasons at this point is rough, but I remember a drop off around season 5/6.
  • Like leading up to the Jim and Pam wedding episode, whenever that was.
  • oh, i thought you were talking about p&r, my bad.

    season 6 was jim and pam's wedding.
  • Honestly I don't think I watched anything of The Office after s4 or something. Tbh I don't have a lot of time or interest at this point in my life to go back and watch em
  • i missed most of the episodes s6-s9, but i did catch the finale and jim and pam getting married
  • seen the whole bojack series now.

    It's reeel good.
    No ep really sticks out as the best, they're all great mixes of comedy and depressingness.

    I enjoyed that they get interesting people to do voices, like Alan Arkin, Anjelica Houston, and I really enjoyed Lisa Kudrow's performance as Bojack's girlfriend.

    There's layers to this thing, and watching the eps again is rewarding, too.
  • Well this is huge news. I feel kinda bad for low income families with kids that love Sesame Street.
  • on the plus side, grover finally gets to see some titties
  • Kids won't really care.

    And PBS will be able to air the HBO eps after a nine month period anyway.
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    I'm guessing there are literally thousands of episodes of Sesame Street them kids haven't seen that will get rerun on PBS before the new ones
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    So they have to wait 9 months for the episode where Barkley sings a song about income inequality?
  • just air this over and over
  • Tracy Morgan is hosting an SNL this season, so now I might actually watch a new episode of SNL
  • That's kind of amazing considering his accident. 
  • rick and morty's latest episode (4) is so fucking good.
  • one of the best they have ever done, holy shit
  • Watching eps of the revival of US Whose Line,

    (on youtube)

    And I'm seeing the comments saying "Oh, it's not as good cuz it's not Drew/it's too shouty now/the crowd sucks"

    the only difference I've really found to be detrimental is that there is a reliance on guest stars with games like Living Scenery being played every ep, and the first US run was going that way anyway (The Richard Simmons thing, the use of the Mum from the Brady Bunch, etc)

    That and Aisha is A) funny, arguably as funny as Drew B) not creepy, which Drew could be some times. Seeing a fat guy ride the sexist line in old clips is disconcerting. with Aisha, it seems to level the playing field for the show. She's like the Elaine, is part of the gang, and joins in on the fun, but gives a sense of balance.
    C) Constantly exuding infectious energy, while Drew seemed to be a little out of it at times. Sometimes it seemed that sitting behind a desk and reading cards and autocues was a hassle for him.

    Don't get me wrong, Drew was fun and was a great host for the 5 seasons they were on the air, but they needed a change, Aisha brought that change and done it well.
  • remember our talk on comment sections? if it's not a video depicting a straight white male it's almost always a nightmare place for nightmare people.
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    yeah the only thing that was bad about the Whose Line revival were those shoehorned guest stars that are always there to promote something
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