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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • Aisha is ok drew was ok the host gimmic was never that funny anyways tbh
  • Generally I agree with you guys, but robin Williams and Stephen Colbert were hilarious on whose line
  • Really? I was aleays pretty let down when colbert came on, esp. bcus i know what hes capable of
  • wtf I never knew Colbert ever appeared on that show. cool

    the Robin Williams episode was amazing too
  • To be honest I haven't seen much of him anywhere but whose line and a few YouTube clips of the report.
  • my brother is taking a class currently taught by Robert Engels (dude that co-wrote Twin Peaks)
  • I initially thought the Robin Williams ep was the best one,

    and it's not bad, Williams was gifted at improv for sure, but in the Whose Line ep he cannot work with others. His manic personality goes right to the big yelling and screaming. He's playing broad right out of the gate, when the others know how to set a scene and let it grow.

    He was much better as a comedian and actor.
  • I'm pretty late to the party, but FUCK, Mr. Robot is really good.
  • I watched the first ep of Arrested Development since it came out on Netflix.

    It's... not bad.

    I think I laughed once.
    I'll stick with it, though/
  • Yeah, it's a show that requires a bit of patience from the viewer, most of their best gags are real slow burners. You pick up a lot more when you watch it for the second  time.
  • edited September 2015
    DEFINITELY stick with it. first episode is one of the least funny, but it's necessary exposition for the rest of the show. after a few episodes, you'll start to see its genius (but more importantly, you'll start to laugh... more than you have at pretty much any show)
  • @Mars cool to see someone else here who is enjoying it. It's probably my favorite new show. I haven't seen the season finale yet so I'm looking forward to that.
  • I'm only up to episode 3, but it's definitely one I want to keep up with.
  • just watched the latest episode of review (william tell), and it was fucking hilarious. kyle was right--this show is worth watching
  • I'm always right, I'm the champion you people deserve.
  • Just finished Mr. Robot. Best show of the year for me. Absolutely stunning television.
  • I need to check it out for sure. I've seen enough people say that at this point that it's at least worth that much.
  • anyone else watching colbert?

    kind of tepid so far, hope it picks up
  • alright it already picked up, this is great right now
  • mr. bean makes me want to murder people
  • Mr Bean was my child hood.
  • I can't wait to watch Colbert again. I wasn't a die hard fan of his old show but it was always there when I needed something and almost always entertaining.
  • him being his own announcer is a pretty fantastic bit.
  • lol this is already the same show with more guests.
  • Stephen covered in oreos during the Trump bit had me rolling. 

    Also a nice rendition of the Sly and the Family Stone song. 
  • after two episodes the only major complaint I have is that the title sequence is atrocious (not the theme, purely the visual)
  • I kinda like the title sequence and/or definitely don't have a strong opinion about it.
  • the Joe Biden interview was really powerful, it's rare to see that kind of sincerity in a talk show of any kind
  • plus we got to see how much of an irredeemable cunt the CEO for uber is

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