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The Merry Posters Pavilion. (AnCo Thread)

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If Deaf Grapes get a thread, I think AnCo need a thread. Some people MacGyver'd the album name and track list from some song ID app, so tentatively the info is:

Animal Collective - Painting With or perhaps Painting With Animal Collective

photo Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 7.28.02 PM_zpssvddvcsa.png

1. "FloriDada"
2. "Hocus Pocus"
3. "Vertical"
4. "Lying in the Grass"
5. "The Burglars"
6. "Natural Selection"
7. "Bagels in Kiev"
8. "On Delay"
9. "Spilling Guts"
10. "Summing the Wretch"
11. "Golden Gal"
12. "Recycling"

Single drops on the 30th. I for one, am excited.

photo floridada_zpsq5h33rht.jpg


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    sweet!! this thread is long overdue.

    here's a (pretty shitty but better than the other one i posted) recording of "the burglars":

    and another (not sure the title of this one):

    from what i can tell:
    -the harmonies are back
    -vocals are mixed nicely at the front and are largely free of effects (which is great for those who felt avey overused them on hz and slasher flicks)
    -some awesome feels-era drumming
    -a LOT of hooks! really catchy bits that are, in classic anco style, infectiously optimistic & full of energy

    i'm so fucking pumped
  • hahahaha i love his happy gasp/laugh at :46
  • I've only listened to the Burglars clip once but I pretty much jizzed my pants.
  • wait so only the single is dropping the 30th? laame
  • that's awful news
  • It's all speculative really, I'm just assuming it's just the single since the artwork saying November 30 is for Floridada, a song on the album. Have Domino ever dropped an album completely out of the blue before?
  • It's just the single on the 30tg, album is next year
  • i think avey replied to someone's PM and confirmed it's just a single on the 30th
  • hype is dead. rip hype.
  • honestly anco dropping the album out of the blue would have been huge
  • i'm guessing domino was against their doing that. too bad though
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    I don't really understand, domino has to know how huge this band is and how many people would go apeshit if this just dropped now
  • domino has a history of dragging out releases and dropping a lot of singles on the way (see: tomboy)
  • but you're right; i don't know why they wouldn't seize this opportunity
  • was Tomboy Domino's fault, or was it just that Panda wasn't ready with the record?

    I mean I remember when we got the title track with Slow Motion as a B-side about a year before Tomboy was released, and the mixes on the record are different to the single.
  • Tomboy was on Paw Tracks, not Domino. That was just the way Panda did things for ages. Almost all the tracks on Person Pitch were out before the album dropped too.

    During the recording of Tomboy, he got in contact with Peter Kember from Spacemen 3 and he helped mix the album and remixed the singles that had already been released.
  • he did a similar thing with grim reaper by basically touring the album before it came out
  • It sounded like absolute shit from a can live let it be known that Noah cannot mix to save his life maybe it was an off night tho.
  • It was the worst live show I've ever seen in my life by far. The entire main set I was just waiting for it to be over. The album is better but not by enough. He did Last Night, Scheherezade, and Alsatian Darn for the encore tho and that all sounded beautiful.
  • when you're working with all electronics how can you have an off night? i don't know how this works but isn't it just a matter of programming shit at the right time or something?
  • I honestly don't know, I said that because I want to find a reason to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt as a musician at this stage of his career but the more I think about it and hear it (like when friends play songs from it or w/e) the more I start to think PBMTGR is one of most disappointing albums I've ever heard and I think that's probably most of why the live show sounded like shit.

    Also he wasn't the one mixing the tracks from Tomboy, he didn't touch his decks hardly at all when singing those.
  • I didnt fancy grim reaper at all but im still more than hopefull for this new release
  • so Tomboy was a Sonic Boom album with Panda Bear vocals right?
  • I think I may have overhyped Grim Reaper initially because it's a fair step up from Tomboy, but it hasn't stuck with me for the entire year.
    I mean I still can listen to tracks like Crosswords, Selfish Gene and Tropic of Cancer and be quite entertained, but ... I dunno, it hasn't stuck in my head that much.
  • i liked Boys Latin. that's it.
  • interesting that you say that shelton, since i think his work this era is much better live. there's a mix floating around of his live tracks that sounds a lot better than the record, imo

    and my bad about choosing tomboy as an example. though everyone on CA has been saying domino is resistant to surprise drops and instead likes to draw out releases
  • fwiw i saw his live show twice & thought it was great both times
  • I'm excited! I'm glad someone's talking about them.

    "Centipede" hadn't captured my interest. But the solo projects were good. I don't want to be swallowed by hype, but some earnest news and warm interest is welcomed!
  • centipede has gotten better every time i've heard it. though it's still their worst album in a decade
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