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  • Thats the kinda comment i keep to myself
  • You've mistaken me for someone with shame
  • I think chrono trigger is the best jrpg
  • It's certainly the prettiest, but I need high school teens and murder as the central plot to care.
  • i just think it's the best paced. literally every other jrpg i've played has had some section where it felt draggy (jrpgs are my fav kind of game regardless tho), or was just a generally slow game. chrono trigger feels like playing through a really compelling HBO show, even if it's not narratively that above average. 
  • oh for what it's worth, P3 and P4 are total exceptions since they are literally based on compelling forward movement. 
  • Persona 4 starts out REALLY slow, but everything else completely makes up for it.
  • I fell in love with the game the first time Nanako sings the Junes jingle.
  • Anyone else watching SGDQ? Watching Trihex play Yoshi's Island is like watching Michelangelo paint.
  • I forgot that was happening, thanks.
  • I watched the last part of Sonic Boom, that game is a complete mess but it was really interesting to see how they use bugs to skip huge chunks of the game.
  • I'm so sick of Crash Bandicoot runs, good fucking Christ fuck that orange fuck
  • Oh shit RE4 is next. I might just watch this whole thing.
  • the beginning of episode 4 of Life is Strange is so achingly sad that I actually had to stop playing last night.
  • has a video game ever made you guys cry? I definitely got pretty fucking misty over The Walking Dead.
  • mother 3
  • I cry at Rocket League on the regular, it truly is the beautiful game.
  • yo chrono trigger best rpg ever chrono trigger best rpg ever
  • chrono trigger is the only rpg iv ever played where i never needed to take any time to grind. everything is paced perfectly
  • and its long enough that it doesn't need to artificially change its difficulty like that
  • see:every Pokemon, final fantasy (the ones iv played), dragon quest (the ones iv played)
  • @shoot exactly I thought I liked grinding but I think ct is making me rethink that
  • i love grinding......on my girlfriend at the prom that is.................
  • 8-X 8-X 8-X
  • eh em ay ohhhhh
  • what if, in that clipse song, they were talking about playing final fantasy, that would be a funny comedy situation
  • edited July 2015
    when i need to level my dudes i twerk for a few hours in the tall grass outside the pokecenter
  • @voel that's funny when two things that are different are kinda the same for a second??
  • yeagh like i just think about things you know i just have this skewed view of things and then i say this craazy things and my mom is like hahahawtf xD
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