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  • Earthbound makes me cry salty tears, which I then proceed to combine with fries for enhanced health restoration.
  • Life is Strange ended with another fucking mind melting cliffhanger. These 2 month waits are the absolute worst.
  • I literally can't believe all the lukewarm reviews people have written for the 4th episode, everyone is clearly playing a different game than I am.
  • More than anything I can't fucking believe how dark this fucking teen drama game got. This whole thing is like I'm playing the video game version of "don't hug me, I'm scared".
  • i watched the quick look for the first ep and it seemed cool but wayy too Diablo Cody-ish for me to get into
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    there's definitely some of that to be sure and the dialog will definitely draw some ire if you're not particularly fond of stuff in that vein. Still ultimately the thing I like the best about Life is Strange is how much it wants to be it's own thing. It kind of uses a Diablo Codyesque setting to tell a weird sci-fi story that isn't really interested in explaining itself. I'd compare it more to stuff like Donnie Darko or The X-Files but at the same time it manages to be darker because the story centers around entitled white 18 year olds that honestly don't have a fucking clue.
  • here's a spoiler that might convince anyone on the fence to maybe give this thing a look:

    so the first choice you're expected to make in episode 4 is whether or not to help your now paralyzed best friend commit suicide via a morphine overdose in an alternate timeline
  • good to know it turns into something cool. not sure I'm at a point in my life where those kind of high school narratives appeal to me anymore since I was that idiot a very short time ago. of course I guess I'm a hypocrite for saying that because I'm definitely buying p5 like the day it comes out. anyways. I should probably play Her Story tonight.
  • also buyinh p5 immediately
  • if you pre-order I hear you get a Chie sex doll body pillow
  • Austin do you have a PS4? We should exchange gamertags
  • I'm missing the 2 Giant Bomb offices going head to head in Rocket League right now.
  • Fire Emblem on GBA made me cry. If you've every played it, you probably know what scene.
  • I'm going to play it for PS3 I think
  • I don't have one of those yet either but I'm working on it
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    I would really wait for reviews before getting a PS3 just for that game. I don't know if Atlus is exactly a tech powerhouse and I'd sort of expect that version of the game to get a lot less focus on it. It's probably worth waiting to make sure it isn't a complete shitshow first.

    the last couple of years on 360 was really rough, and the PS3 hardware is just as outdated at this point.
  • actually is the game even coming out for PS4 in Japan? I remember that announcement being pretty geared for North America. It could also be a case where the PS3 version is still the lead platform.
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    the only reason I warn you of this is because I remember being super excited for Saints Row IV and the performance was basically unplayable. Devs didn't give a fuck about those machines a couple years ago and it's undoubtedly gotten worse.
  • Damn, there's 25.3 million PS4s in the wild now.

    Good incentive for Japanese developers to actually make PS4 games.
  • Assuming string theory is true, I wonder how the Xbox One is doing in the parallel dimension where it launched without the Kinect.
  • last I heard there was 1.4M PS4s sold in Japan. I would say that's a big enough number they should probably go ahead with a Japanese release of P5. It's a big enough deal there that it's bound to even push some hardware sales I'd imagine.

    I've heard the biggest gap Microsoft needs to make up is in Europe. The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by something approaching 3-1 there. If the Xbox One wasn't lagging so far behind there they'd probably be close to 20 million worldwide right now instead of 14. They're also getting wrecked in Japan but there's absolutely nothing Microsoft can do about that at this point, they'll always be the 3rd console in that market. 

    I still think both of these consoles are pretty underwhelming, but the PS4 is probably a better buy right now. I still like the exclusives better on Microsoft's side overall. I'm really curious to see what kind of bump they get when backwards compatibility rolls out. We always hear about it being a big deal, but I've never really bought into that.
  • No Man's Sky too...

  • oh that's a European advert, so there's still hope for P5 in 2015
  • This dudes playing Dark Souls using voice commands. Insanity

  • I remember one dude played it with a guitar hero controller
  • I think that might be the same guy.
  • Fallout 4 will reportedly have 400 hours of content. As someone who did everything in Fallout 3 this is daunting news.
  • I will never finish that game. I'm not even sure I'll finish Witcher 3.

    I don't know why everyone wants games to last forever. I'd rather enjoy a more focused and lean game than shlog through a bunch of sidequests for gear I'll end up immediately selling.
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