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Video Games!



  • U can just look in random windows and someone’s playing fortnight
  • Sometimes I go upstairs in my house and there’s strangers on our tv playing fortnight
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    My friends set up three TVs and three consoles in the same room and all just playing fortnight
  • I don’t even play games and I playing fortnight
  • @dallas damn, how many shrines are in the game? I still have a very long way to go, the game is massive.
  • @shootymane somethin abt shooting ppl and building walls
  • i just play hearthstone cause im too lazy to play a normal video game
  • 120 without the DLC. I did all of them...
  • @dallas how you like it? that game was super special for me, like once in a decade
  • and I've deliberately avoided finding out what fortnight is
  • I know it's a shooter and everyone is talking about it everywhere all the time
  • @toon_malk I'm with you! It is indeed a special game, one that gave me more immediate pleasures than any game since like... Bioshock?

    I'm also STILL playing Majora's Mask and Final Fantasy IX with my wife. I have a lot of video games in my life, surprisingly. I have no idea how I find the time...
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    Super stoked for the new God of War. Nice that the combat seems to have variety, and that Kratos is an actual character now instead of just a crazy rage monster yelling, "ATHENA!" and murdering everyone. (Well He will probably still murder a lot of things, but at least he seems a little bit more subdued).
  • Ranking The Mainline Resident Evils
    7. Resident Evil 6
    6. Resident Evil 5
    5. Resident Evil 3
    4. Resident Evil 2
    3. Resident Evil Remake
    2. Resident Evil 7
    1. Resident Evil 4

    Keep in mind the top four are pretty interchangeable. I love 2, Remake, 7, and 4 pretty equally, but this is just how I feel atm. I had so much fun with Resident Evil 7 the first time around, my only real complaints about it are the last hour or two of the game not being nearly as well executed or interesting, and I wish the enemies were a little more varied. RE 2 will probably get bumped back up once the remake comes out, and RE 4 is just one of the most perfect games I've ever played, what a blast.
  • Ive played 7 up to the chainsaw fight, and watched scary game squads play through, so I'd say that one is good.
  • hollow knight is one of the best games i've ever played
  • It’s good. Reminds me of an old NES game
  • ya it's basically Super Metroid but modernized and with a really unique setting and story
  • Which is like all I want lol
  • I’ve heard hollow night is good.
    I’m pretty addicted to Persona 5 right now. Beat Nier Automata earlier this summer.
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