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Video Games!



  • U can just look in random windows and someone’s playing fortnight
  • Sometimes I go upstairs in my house and there’s strangers on our tv playing fortnight
  • edited March 2018
    My friends set up three TVs and three consoles in the same room and all just playing fortnight
  • I don’t even play games and I playing fortnight
  • @dallas damn, how many shrines are in the game? I still have a very long way to go, the game is massive.
  • @shootymane somethin abt shooting ppl and building walls
  • i just play hearthstone cause im too lazy to play a normal video game
  • 120 without the DLC. I did all of them...
  • @dallas how you like it? that game was super special for me, like once in a decade
  • and I've deliberately avoided finding out what fortnight is
  • I know it's a shooter and everyone is talking about it everywhere all the time
  • @toon_malk I'm with you! It is indeed a special game, one that gave me more immediate pleasures than any game since like... Bioshock?

    I'm also STILL playing Majora's Mask and Final Fantasy IX with my wife. I have a lot of video games in my life, surprisingly. I have no idea how I find the time...
  • edited April 2018
    Super stoked for the new God of War. Nice that the combat seems to have variety, and that Kratos is an actual character now instead of just a crazy rage monster yelling, "ATHENA!" and murdering everyone. (Well He will probably still murder a lot of things, but at least he seems a little bit more subdued).
  • Ranking The Mainline Resident Evils
    7. Resident Evil 6
    6. Resident Evil 5
    5. Resident Evil 3
    4. Resident Evil 2
    3. Resident Evil Remake
    2. Resident Evil 7
    1. Resident Evil 4

    Keep in mind the top four are pretty interchangeable. I love 2, Remake, 7, and 4 pretty equally, but this is just how I feel atm. I had so much fun with Resident Evil 7 the first time around, my only real complaints about it are the last hour or two of the game not being nearly as well executed or interesting, and I wish the enemies were a little more varied. RE 2 will probably get bumped back up once the remake comes out, and RE 4 is just one of the most perfect games I've ever played, what a blast.
  • Ive played 7 up to the chainsaw fight, and watched scary game squads play through, so I'd say that one is good.
  • hollow knight is one of the best games i've ever played
  • It’s good. Reminds me of an old NES game
  • ya it's basically Super Metroid but modernized and with a really unique setting and story
  • Which is like all I want lol
  • I’ve heard hollow night is good.
    I’m pretty addicted to Persona 5 right now. Beat Nier Automata earlier this summer.
  • finally playing undertale, damn
  • anyone play smash yet? i'm tempted to buy a switch to play it
  • and breath of the wild
  • Ye do it so we can play online
  • Both of those games are worth it
  • How good is the connection, tho for online multiplayer smash? Has anyone played across networks yet?
  • It varies - I'm hoping they improve on it but it usually work okay
  • The way they handle lag is kinda interesting where if it slows down, it seems it slows down for all players equally. This approach means one bad connection can ruin a game but it also means that you're not stuck in unfair situations where you're just standing while people kick the shit out of you and can lead to some kinda unintentionally fun moments where you and some one less are both going in for the kill and you're just waiting to see who has a quicker reaction time when the lag ends
  • online has been kinda rough unless you get a good lobby where nobody lags. the world of light mode has been p entertaining for my commute to work...fuck that dr willy fight tho.
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