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a thread about classical music

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this bumps


  • i'm not sure if nancarrow is technically classical music, but let's roll with it
  • i'm an absolute pleb when it comes to classical. that said, this is probably my favorite classical piece:
  • i like this piece

  • edited December 2015
    One of my favorites:

    And, of course, The Planets suite by Gustav Holst. You can't mention classical music without also mentioning this. I feel this laid the groundwork for the style of music our modern film scores employ (just compare Mars' main theme with, say, Gladiator's soundtrack and you'll see the uncanny resemblance), and it's got some downright catchy melodies that are really accessible.
  • That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing @demikat

    Was that from "In the mood for love"? I really need to watch that.
  • yea! got time tonight? online viewing party! could sign in to dj plug and just watch it?
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