what would you guys do if you won powerball?

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800 million dollars

i might put it into research and development for 3d printing organs. also i'd develop a new internet thats all peer to peer


  • donate a quarter, invest a quarter, use a quarter to start a business and split the rest buying awesome shit for me and my loved ones
  • Start a think tank with all my friends
  • probably just take a few months off to chill and travel
  • I wouldn't.
  • I wouldn't give that money to anyone that can take care of themselves.
  • I wouldn't give it to anyone, I'd just be ok picking up the tab more often
  • @ocaml: even friends or family who are struggling but getting by?
  • i'm with moon. picking up the tab is more righteous than giving it away.
  • My mind can't even make the leap of a situation where I'd buy a ticket. I think you have to believe on some level that good things could conceivably happen to you.
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    yeah i'll admit the thought of this thread is as dooming as it is nefarious
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    i would create a mentor program too and discover 1000 brilliant kids in bad situations and give em a way out. i was thinking i could put 80 million towards that and get em into schools with good technical programs and fit the bill. i'm not sure if i could get that far but its worth a shot and could have some positive effects on the US socio-economic landscape
  • I'd pay off my student debt
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    good things.
  • just bought 4 tickets lol. such a poor mathematical decision, but it's fun to be a part of things
  • I'd pay off TJ's student debt
  • Small things

    - invest
    - pay off my mother's house
    - pay off my student loans
    - get myself a place to live
    - get a better car
    - maybe a few musical purchases

    I mean that might take a mil to cover, really.
    Just put the rest in the bank and live off of it.
    Or even put it into a high baring interest savings account and live off the interest.
  • Thank you Kyle!
  • It's an empty promise, but sure you're welcome.
  • I'd buy a house and spend the rest of my life going to college and learning cool shit.
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    This apparently got shared a few hundred thousand times on Facebook.

    photo F18547A5-9C54-4FD3-B30A-A5F609F5B514.jpg

    I don't claim to be a math expert, but come on you morons.
  • I saw that, I was rollin
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    well to be exact, 38% of the 1.3 billion will go to the everyone anyway via taxes so everyone gets $2.68, yes! that can buy me 10 more minutes in nyc!
  • ^ ^ ha ha! ^^
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