Hype 2015

even though I've been apprehensive about the material released up to now, I'm still extremely excited and interested in what the third record is going to offer.
This clip also has a great snippet of music, hopefully the rest of the album is more like this.


  • Friendly reminder sound of ceres is still getting ready to drop the best album of all time this summer https://m.soundcloud.com/stealthistrack/sound-of-ceres-my-spiral-arm
  • This might (read: probably) won't come out this year, but I'm still hoping! Sol Niger Within is one of my favorite metal albums.

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    haha nick i came here to post that vid and say pretty much the same thing. that audio clip is so fuckin cool
  • I haven't heard anything of new material yet but I really love the music on that clip. I hope that is a good feel of what the album will be like. If so... HYPE
  • also it's not far removed from a hip hop beat.

    you think Kevin will go into producing hip hop beats for rappers after this?
    That'd be pretty sweet.
  • i've been saying this for a while now: psych-rap needs to blow up. kevin parker producing hip hop beats would help usher in that trend. for now, i'll just listen to shabazz palaces, madvillain, and "institutionalized"
  • I honestly thought there was a genuine hip hop influence on songs like "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" or "Mind Mischief" from the last one
  • i always personally saw Mind Mischief to be a continuation of the blues rock influence from earlier Tame tracks like Half Full Glass of Wine or The Bold Arrow of Time,

    but it seems they were just bridges to his fascination of hip hop. The new album delves into the hip hop sound quite a bit, too.
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    i think he's referring to the end portion of mind mischief, which i can definitely see (it's got these really nice psychedelic beats centered around parker's voice)

    and i'm really digging currents. the sound palate is so fucking rich; it's just candy to my ears. i'm really loving his take on dancey pop tunes. i don't think it quite reaches the heights of lonerism, but it's another worthy addition to the tame impala catalog, surely
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    new destroyer: 

    edit: it's real pretty
  • I'm pretty sure that's actually just a disney ballad.

    I hate this so much, I'm sorry.
  • lol. not a terribly bad comparison
  • I'm the opposite, I thought it was quite brilliant.
  • but yeah i liked it
  • it's been well established that I hate everything
  • lol you don't hate everything. 

    But the song is good. 

    Speaking of Bejar, I've been listening to Brill Bruisers (and Twin Cinema, and Mass Romantic) a bunch in the past 2 weeks. I really underrated Brill Bruisers last year. 
  • I'm not a fan of the in your face sentimentality of the strings but it's alright
  • that song is cool. nice to see him progressing with each record
  • I stumbled across that dude's previous album while going through my library the other day

    completely forgot about him,
    was like... "what the fuck happened to him, did he die?"
  • well they are pretty easy to forget about
  • yeah. but i've got a pretty strong nostalgic connection to that first album and still think it's a good collection of tunes. and he could have just released a couple more in that same vein, but he's changing it up, which i respect.
  • (sorry folks today I'm in full out unedited kylecore mode)
  • I don't apologize until someone calls me on my bullshit, so no you're not.
  • New Envy album. I've been recently refraining from forums, but my goodness it's amazing. Envy is one of the best screamo bands and this album exceeded any expectations.  
  • woo to both of those!
  • It's happening. Where my Anco bros

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