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Is Chilli a soup?


  • No.
    Is there existence beyond the self?
  • before we move on I want you to elaborate on this very important issue. Why isn't Chilli a soup? It's certainly soup-like. Where is the line of distinction?
  • it's closer to a stew than a soup
  • the wikipedia page says it's a stew
  • @shooty nope, i'm convinced it's an elaborate inside joke that everyone else has with each other that they exist when i'm not around
  • Isn't stew a type of soup? That's always how I've looked at it.
  • @shooty assuming its easier to understand the self than it is to exist
  • it's all about the liquid to solid ratio, stews are primarily solid and soups are primarily liquid
  • alternate definition: liquid = soup

    I'd consider a floating marshmallow in a bowl of beef gravy to be a soup. A disgusting soup but a soup.
  • also, often you add flour or some other thickening agent to stews which you wouldn't do to a soup
  • the liquid in a stew is usually considered a gravy and not a broth because of it's thickness from all of the things absorbed into the water
  • just because something consists of food does not mean it is food. we forget that as americans
  • I think stew's existence outside the soup spectrum of food is really tenuous. I feel like soup should be defined as any dish with a liquid base.

    saying "oh I cooked this down so it's a stew now" or "oh I added some water so this is soup now" is too loose for me.

    Ultimately my head says that I think all stews are soup but not all soups are stew. Other people can have other definitions but that's the one I choose for myself and my lifestyle.
  • I'd probably also say that cereal is a soup, if only because I need things to be in categories.
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    @toon_malk how can those people be having an inside joke if they do not exist? Where did you learn that things happen when you are not around; was it from experiencing things that were around you? What kind of circular ass proof is that?
  • @ocaml existing is easy i do it all the time
  • Do you guys have cable or satellite tv?

    I still do but it seems more meaningless with every passing year. At this point it's just so I can watch the odd hockey or football game.
  • @shooty it's a joke about how i lack object permanence
  • is mayonnaise an instrument?
  • @toon_malk how can there be objects or permanence if the only thing that exists is my self
  • you also can't prove that the entire universe including all of your memories was entirely created in the past second
  • nobody can prove that gravity doesn't just stop sometimes for like no reason
  • there's no such thing as "truth" we all know that, so anything that resembles "truth" is just a probabilistic assumption
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    so i have no fucking idea if you exist, and i could never prove that you do, or that even I do but if i'm willing to accept that gravity exists to govern my day to day life of not jumping off cliffs then i can accept that you probably exist too
  • @toony man there's no truth? Boy you better not let the philosophers know theyll be fucking pissed
  • @second but how do u know I exist
  • clearly yall are understanding why I asked the question lol I was hoping u knew
  • i also don't believe in free-will, which is at this point pretty scientifically backed but that doesn't give me an excuse to be an asshole. there's a different between actual truth and practical truth
  • yeah but how do you know that science is real?
  • all value is assigned value boiiiiiii
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