biggest opinion 180s



  • I actually still think the title track is awesome
  • title track felt like the biggest bait and switch
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    I'm still a big fan of Reflektor.. Spun all four Arcade Fire records the other night and enjoyed all four for different reasons.
  • What's really funny is that most people find me annoyingly negative, to the point where I mostly keep my opinions to myself nowadays.

    Things I don't like:

    Adam Sandler films
    Forrest Gump
    Mainstream Country Music

    I'm also growing tired of superhero movies.

    These "controversial opinions" are enough to pit me as a negative nancy who hates fun.
  • for real though fuck super hero movies at this point
  • if someone doesn't like Forrest Gump it's a pretty definitive sign they have some film snob tendencies.

    like sure it's a pretty ridiculous film... but I'll never not have fun watching it.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy has been the only good super hero movie in the past five years
  • what about The Martian?
  • fuck Forrest Gump it's a movie that encourages dumbness and suppression of intellect, it's not snobbery to dislike it it's just common sense

    i'm also one and a half feet out the door with the superhero shit too, Civil War just looks like Age of Ultron 2.5 and that's just not exciting. Guardians is a lot of fun but i think people have slightly selective memories about it - every time that movie transitions to its villains it becomes snore-inducing. I think all the studios trying and failing to start the shared universe thing is just gonna be buckets of hilarity

    and i tried watching 10 minutes of The Ridiculous
  • @Kyle tbh i haven't seen the martian so i have no idea if you're being sarcastic or not

    and i'm not saying Guardians of the Galaxy is a masterpiece or anything, but it's a quality movie and one of the only one of this era of super hero movies that anyone will still want to watch in ten years
  • that's a movie i'll watch with my if-I-ever-have children
  • The Martian is fun.
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    @Robby I can't imagine feeling strongly about a movie where a character gets shot in the ass and becomes a world class ping pong player but whatever.

    I side somewhere in between the people that think it's brilliant and the people who hate it.
  • I think it's a fine movie. Best Picture/Best Actor/Best Director/Best Screenplay material? maybe not, but it's an enjoyable movie.

    i don't think is about encouraging dumbness at all i don't really see how you get from it. the character is often portrayed as the butt the joke
  • the scenes where they insert him into actual historical footage are fantastic. That couldn't have been an easy thing to do in the 90s.
  • fuck post-Roger Rabbit Robert Zemekis
  • I've heard that Contact is good.

    I was recently chastised due to the fact I don't think Will Smith is a good actor.
    "Dude; you haven't even seen Independence Day?" "Not really, no."
    "What about Men in Black" "Oh - I have seen that, it was kinda fun."
    "What about Seven Pounds?" "uhhhhh"
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    I've heard he's amazing in Ali

    plus the scene in Seven Pounds where he commits suicide via jellyfish is comedy gold
  • why the Nickelback hate? The current era they're currently in is their best one yet, b/c Chad Kroeger can't sing.

    "Guardians is a lot of fun but i think people have slightly selective memories about it - every time that movie transitions to its villains it becomes snore-inducing."

    I've only watch one marvel movie so far, but from what Im hearing including that above, it seems like they do a decent job with their good guys, but stumble in the bad guys department. They're how many movies in rn and their only memorable villain is what? Loki? still?
  • James Spader was entertaining as Ultron and Tom Hiddleston was entertaining as Loki but those are the only two villains that are any type of interesting and they're not even that interesting
  • Nickelback has multiple eras?
  • yes, of course! the one where they sucked, and the one where they sucked even more
  • Forest Gump is dope its all bout just letting shit happen
  • I am not a film snob at all and actually dislike most film snob films that my film snob friends have shown me, but I did not like Forrest Gump.
  • Truth: Forrest Gump got cucked.

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    was really hoping i'd never have to hear that term on this forum but there's a first time for everything i guess.
  • We were doing so well
  • AHOTI is 4chan don't you know
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