WE SHOULD NAME THE NINTH PLANET "BOWIE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • please!!! Can't we acknowledge something that's fucking great for fucking once, humans!!!
  • I love this idea, but it'll never happen.
  • they also have to discover it first. As of now it's just a plausible theory.
  • Planets are named after Gods all the time. Bowie is a God! It matches. IT SHOULD HAPPEN!
  • but it's a good theory. an orbital time period of 20,000 years!! that's so crazy! i hope it's coming on the closer side
  • OH MAN!!!! what if we see a picture of it in our life time?!!!! that would be so cool!
  • Bowie low key had sex with a minor tho maybe so idk
  • I'm not gonna listen to some bullshit media people trying to diminish David Bowie for their own fucking rates. Not one of anybody said any of that shit while he was living - the fucking second! he dies and now they talk.

    i'm not believing that bullshit hype.
  • I don't buy it for a second don't worry but still he's not so unsmeared that they can go and name a planet after him imo
  • I don't know if anyone should have a planet named after them to be honest. That seems like a big deal.
  • Just watch out for this guy

  • =/ i know. besides, i don't think people would handle it correctly anyway. humans get weird when something is too great a distance above them. -they want to castrate them figuratively or literally if the can-

    David Bowie has always been my ubermensch. i'll just call the planet "Bowie" in secret. I hope we see it one day.
  • what I mean when I say "Ubermensch"

  • I mean, nah. The guy sang a couple songs about space in the 70's. If they're going to break the trend of not naming planets after people, it should be someone who's done significant work for space exploration.
  • "Sagan" would make a lot of sense.
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    i propose they name it after a certain 3-eyed death god.
  • Mumm-Rah?
  • should name it "Ya Mum's Tits"
  • I think we should name it David if anything because I like the idea of giving it a super mundane name like

    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the ninth planet Jeff
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    okay. I like where @toon-malk is going.

    "that's a person's name"
  • This way in 500 years, the same way that all the other planets were named for gods we'll have all this weird sort've psuedo-spiritualism around the name Jeff
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    the only people who would ever name their child Jeff would be people in new age cults who are super into crystals
  • so your goal is to get rid of all the "Jeffs" like how "Adolf" use to be a popular name and then ::dot::dot::dot::
  • all this occult shit based on whether Jeff is in retrograde
  • lol

    I love it! I want Jeff to be retrograde.
  • I'm with toon, let's call it graham... or derek... or colin!
  • Name is Blackstar.

    Next planet - Rock.
  • Let's name the next planet fuckboy

    or Deakin

    same difference
  • I don't know why I posted that.

    I'm sorry.


    sorry guys.
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