Apathy Thread

Post. Or don't. I don't care.


  • I have a strong opinion regarding this thread.
  • I saw someone screaming about Jesus and wearing a sign that said "REPENT BEFORE YOU FACE GOD" today and I can't imagine caring about anything as much as that guy cares about his religion.

    I feel empty. I'm jealous of people with purpose in their lives.
  • become antiwar!
  • I'm definitely mostly a pacifist, I'm just not sure it's a possible goal.
  • I mostly just wish I was going to live long enough to see the singularity. The cold and calculated reality of consciousness through code sounds outstanding.
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    humans are feeble losers and our potential will be forever unreached and we're inevitably gonna destroy ourselves

    I'm hungry
  • @kyle its pretty possible unless ur an oil baron or an arms dealer
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    @shooty I mean I'm not gonna shoot or stab a person, but I don't expect others will be universally willing to do the same. Ultimately we need a government sanctioned murder squad to stop warlords from enslaving humanity.
  • there's plenty of psychological studies that show when you give someone power, they tend to lose the ability to empathize with other people. it's unfortunate but it's only speculative for me to say that i'd be different if i had power, because i don't and as much as I want to think i'm better than that the scientific evidence suggests that i wouldn't be
  • @kyle thats cool and all but do we need that murder squad killing brown ppl on the other side of the world all the time? Seems a little excessive to me tbh
  • @shooty There's a happy medium I'm sure. I think military spending in general is excessive but there's definitely a required amount of murder squads and tanks that we need fighting Isis and blowing up their Toyotas and shit.
  • @kyle I dunno I'll deal with isis when they come to my door. Which I'm not really expecting them to tbh
  • @shooty stop making me care about stuff in the apathy thread
  • because I'm a garbage human that nobody loves
  • even compost is useful ^^
  • but i don't care
  • yeah not caring
  • I'm a pacifist (mostly as a consequence of I'm a coward and nobody ever took me hunting)
  • i've gone hunting. it doesn't change much about you. Just your nightmares.
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    I shot a hunting rifle and a shotgun at conservation camp when I was a kid and it was enough for me to know that I never wanted to hold a gun ever again in my life. Shit is fucking terrifying.
  • so I just looked on that camp's website as a goof to see if they're still around. What's fucking really nuts about this is that there's a schedule and I'm pretty sure it's almost the exact same one we had 15 years ago.

    the one difference? no gun safety or target practice. Perhaps at some point they decided that giving 11-13 year olds guns was a poor idea? weird. I wonder if there was an accident there or something.

    anyway, here's the schedule ya boy followed when he was an actual boy.
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    the best part about that whole thing was that they took us to a field trip to a fucking water treatment plant and it's the coolest thing I've seen in my life to this day.

    you never know entertainment until you can watch the things people flush down a toilet coming into the plant (a lot of it is poop, it turns out)
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