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The YouTube Thread



  • best hip hop love song ever
  • umm. i'm gonna have to come back to that. i'm not sure what my best hip hop love song is. gotta think about it.
  • I think "Ex-factor" is one of my best hip hop love songs.

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    ideal living with opposite sex roommate - honestly - any and all kinds of living partners in which i must share space.

  • maybe it's just that h3h3 is too big to ignore now, but maaaaaaaybe youtube is actually shifting gears a little on this issue
  • that is pretty cool.
  • then again they did set up that legal fund for fair use cases so perhaps YT is trying to avoid any lawsuits but who knows
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    BUT that could be why H3H3 made the video. it wasn't just a thank you to youtube for quirky's sake.
    making a video about the treatment they extended h3h3 - shows everyone how YT could treat them.

    show YT that everyone is aware of the capabilities of their treatment. puts YT on its toes.

    in a funny way, that yt may or may not have wanted to keep just between them and a social powerhouse.
  • apparently YouTube is really cracking down on swearing and... not safe for kids stuff.
    No more sensitive subjects or anything like that.

  • Interesting, I havent watched the video but i remember hearing from the Funhaus guys that age gating really effects the revenue channels can receive from their videos. This could create a pretty volatile environment for a lot of channels.
  • wow forget what i said fuck youtube
  • like the top comment on that video says someone like PewDiePie who has an incredibly kushy relationship with youtube most likely won't be getting any punishment for anything he says.
  • All they'll be doing is giving services like Vessel more business.
  • ...will they? i've never even heard of that.
  • It's a paid subscription model, quite a few channels are releasing videos early there without ads because they revenue is better per video.

  • Rap Critic and DEHH together - at last.
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    got me with - that spoiles the joke - but this is funny

  • there's so much I want to tell you, but my memory keeps getting wiped.

    of course it's self inflicted, on the plus side I get cookies each time.
  • pretty cool
  • with the inception of YouTube being last year, many big Tubers are hitting the decade mark, like Phil Defranco, Jacksfilms,


  • I only started following her a couple of weeks ago, I feel like the last person on YouTube to know who she is.
  • Also I don't know who most of the people in that video are.
  • I know about three of them, but it's pretty awesome that Grace Helbig and the Fine Bros are such big fans of her,

    I don't know what kinda content Anna Akana makes, from memory she just got popular being the girlfriend of Ray William Johnson before he lost his entire subscriber base.
  • I know his name, but I don't know what he did to make that happen.
  • Akana does vlogs and Web series. Single by 30 is pretty funny
  • also I just randomly decided to check out Pewdiepie's channel, and he's gone full iDubbz/Filthy Frank/Leafy mode.

    He's not even playing games any more. It seems everyone is getting swept up in the dank memes.
  • also my recommended feed seems to more and more just "trending" shit.

    I mean I don't know what I watch that would make a "funniest vine compilation 2017" appear on my rec feed.
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