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The YouTube Thread



  • the joke is on existence
  • lol i like howtobasic. it's heartening that a simple idea like that can lead to a lucrative youtube existence
  • Well geez, I guess I'll just pack up my toys and go home then. Didn't realise he was an idol to so many.
  • I'm pretty sure this forum was talking about him when he was getting thousands of views as opposed to millions.
  • I assume you were joking about not watching those videos, but in case you weren't it seems pretty backward that you admire howtobasic for being the little guy who made it big, when both channels I posted have under 200k subs, the later only having 30k.

    Enjoy his content all you want. I don't, but I'm glad that you do.
  • It's just cool to be on board before the dude became huge. You feel like a trendsetter and shit.

    I like small YouTubers too, it's not like number of subscribers is indicative of quality really. I can't stand Pewdiepie and he makes more money in 10 minutes than I will in my life.
  • This forum probably had the first Death Grips thread on the Internet as well. We're weirdly prophetic around here.
  • Ya goddamn hipster.
  • Fantano is on the money with the Fine bros thing. even if there isn't explicitly malicious intent the core concept alone is just seedy

  • I think this is one of the absolute best cooking channels......I cook a lot, ok? This guy's vids are very understated and funny in a low-brow kind of way, but the food is universally good. And I've cooked a goodly portion of it.

  • That dude has the weirdest inflection and pacing to his sentences.
  • you're so right. i couldn't watch more than 30 seconds; it's maddening
  • his voice just keeps hitting this awkward upper register over and over and over and over
  • Hes like a white southern male with the speech patterns of a valley girl.

    Salmon toast sounds pretty good though.
  • I totally agree on the weird inflections...

    For those of you who would prefer a slightly more "adult" oriented cooking channel:

  • I dunno, you watch a recent vid of hers and she's like, grown up and stuff.

    It's weird.
  • It's the baby. They simply ruin EVERYTHING.
    edited February 2016
    also just a quick rundown of YouTube channels I watch on a regular basis;
    Boiler Room - Good DJ mixes, and occasional interesting side things like vinyl collections of artists, etc.
    Kermode & Mayo's Film Review - The YouTube channel of the famed radio show/podcast. The podcast is much better, but this is great if you just want the reviews, as well as Kermode popping in vlog type videos talking about movies.
    Good Mythical Morning - Probably the most "conventional" YouTube channel I'm subbed to, a week-daily comedy/variety show by famed YouTubers Rhett and Link. I just find their personalities very appealing, and I think that the format allows their personalities to shine, as well as the ability to do pretty much anything on this show.
    Also shout out to their channel Good Mythical More, which is essentially them winding down after the episode has taken place, featuring unscripted conversations, goofing about and just general chilled out silliness.
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Team Coco (The channel for Conan's late night program)
    These are the two late night shows which I'm subbed to. Fallon is OK but plays too many games and doesn't deliver in the sketch or comedy dept, Kimmel's an asshole, I don't find Seth Meyers all that funny, and James Cordon seems to be another piece of wood on the fire, really. I don't care.
    Also shout out to John Oliver, I'm subbed to his shit, too.
    Dead End Hip Hop - Anyone who's an OG of TND should know these guys, as Anthony pretty much single handedly got these guys the boost of attention they deserved at the beginning of their formation.
    Now they've been at it for almost 5 years now, and they just keep going from strength to strength.
    Bumps in the whip!
    Shout out to Myke C-Town's solo channel. I don't always watch his shit (Sometimes his metal stuff loses me) but he's my fave member of DEHH, he knows his shit, and he's pretty much always entertaining.
    Amoeba Records - I love their What's In Your Bag segment, just hearing artists talk about records makes them feel a little more human, and that image of seeing someone you respect highly in a record shop buyin shit feels intimate, like they just said "hey can we talk to you" while the artist was shopping.
    Horrible Reviews - a film review channel from a very cool guy in the Nethelands. Primarily reviews horror, thrillers, gorey shit, disturbing stuff. Often does video series giving small reviews of films based around a theme, like his series of going through the Video Nasties list put together by the British Board of Film Classification back in the 70's/80's.
    Good for anyone who's into horror, extreme cinema, b-movies, or just films which are outside of the conventional. He's not a film critic so his review style doesn't really go in depth, and he will complain if a film is too "artsy", but he's got a lot of charisma.
    Community Channel - An Australian vlogger/comedienne whose videos are often her taking a very paranoid and self deprecating, yet whimsical look at life.
    Like take this video where she ruminates on the ideas of serving sizes, where the "king sized" chocolate bar came from, and just how sad is it to eat an entire "family sized" pack of biscuits on your own.
    Very silly, fun, and light hearted, with a streak of dark humour through out her videos.
    She'd be a 10/10 channel if her uploading schedule wasn't so haphazard. She's been more regular lately (2 or 3 videos a month), about two years ago she'd upload a video every 3-4 months, but it's never consistent and you just kind of have to accept it when she does have a new one.

    Shout out to FriendlyJordies, another Australian comedian, but this dude is a satirist. Makes fun of everything from the ills of Australia (often bogans and youth culture) to the current political climate.
    Often extremely scathing, taking no prisoners, not even his own audience.
    Every Frame a Painting - Why even go to film school when this guy exists. He shows you all you need to know if you ever want to be a cinematographer, a director or even a film editor. This channel is A-Class analysis of how films are cut and directed, and how scenes are specifically shot and constructed.
    Another one who's upload rate is slow, but usually seems to be about one video per month. Totally understandable though, as the effort which goes into the editing and research is completely shown on screen.


    maybe not so quick after all.
  • I think I've seen the Every Frame a Painting video on In the Mood for Love, gonna watch more of his stuff
  • I've always liked Colbert's guest selection but his last two have been particularly head-scratchy...particularly Joel Osteen
  • Every Frame A Painting is awesome, he introduced me to Bong Joon-ho and now he might be one of my top 10 directors.
  • Despite the Fine Bros situation more or less having blown over by now (for the internet, not for them) - here's an interesting video from a copyright attorney, talking about what the Fine Bros claims may have meant in terms of a legal sense;

  • They put their first new video on their main channel since the controversy today and it's got 88,000 dislikes...something like a 2:1 dislike to like ratio.

    It's also got over a million views.

    I think people kind of overvalue how much controversy effects a YouTube channel. Sure maybe the comments are a rage firestorm and you get a bunch of dislikes... but you're probably gonna get more views.

    and that's where dem greenbacks at.
  • there has to be something in the whole like/dislike thing, though.

    But maybe you're right, that's why there are those people who still go around being controversial, saying like people who aren't vegan deserve to die, etc etc.

    still get the views.
  • if internet scum like The Amazing Atheist can maintain a strong viewership I have no doubt the Fine bros will bounce back just fine
  • If you like Every Frame A Painting (which I also love), check out Digging Deeper. He just started making videos a few months ago, but his analysis of film is pretty insightful.

  • step out of context for a bit, but this is a great vid;

  • did they license those lyrics?
  • edited February 2016
    I love that the Internet won but still feels like it deserves their heads on a fucking pole.

    and by "love" I mean I don't understand it. They reversed course and apologized. Let's all move on with our meaningless lives. Nobody threw their PS4 in the garbage when Sony tried several times to trademark "let's play".
  • come on dude be optimistic i mean i think this is when we all band together and join in perfect harmony by collectively coming to the conclusion that their content is hot garbage
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