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The YouTube Thread



  • havent they always kinda been on the "sjw" thing, though?

    plus most of the time I agree with their views, mostly because they make fun of people who force their views on others, which is not cool at all in my book.
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    Not until around 2016 or so. Their post-election video was really what pushed me to stop paying attention to em. The Hugh Mungus videos and whatnot were funny but otherwise it became very clear to me that they were jumping on a bandwagon that I had no interest in
  • Killmonger’s on Hot Ones y’all

  • sky jelly fish
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    edit: nvm
  • "craziest people in the world exist in the Bronx and all of florida"
  • livin in the bronx can confirm i buy weed from my cat
  • apparently with florida the reason it always shows up in the news is because it's the only state where police reports are open to journalists so journalists just spend time looking for crazy shit:
  • "it is the policy of this state that all state, county, and municipal records shall at all times be open for a personal inspection by any person." - which is actually bonkers if you think about it
  • Florida Man
  • then ppl start reading the articles like, u dont have to roll blunts anymore u can just smoke alligators
  • then everybody starts smoking alligators then the alligators start smoking humans and its an endless cycle
  • Florida man!!!!

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    totally unrelated to the previous post but whats up with those comments on youtube in the vein of "play this at x1.5 speed it sounds so much better!!!" ???? this has always bothered me

    is this a generational thing
  • yeah the space station generation
  • Charlize Theron is so amazingly beautiful, even when hot
  • people like to remix shit in their own way.
  • if you listen to stars of the lid at 2x then it sounds like a computer generating notes
  • This is my friend, Ziggy. He's fucking hilarious!! and i really hope that the world looks at him the way he wants it to. I think he's really fucking great. and SOOOO talented and diligent about that shit!

    Here's to Ziggy!
  • i just came to the realization that i've never "actively" disliked a youtube a video, as in giving it a thumbs down

    is that weird
  • have you watched any flat earther videos?
  • nah that buttons for some weird sadist shit
  • instead of hitting dislike i close my eyes and seize it being disliked
  • liking/disliking YouTube videos some base mammal behavior I aspire greater than that
  • liking can help ppl u like make money so they can make more things
  • may be mammalian but so is the algorithm which decides which us deserve dinner
  • edited March 2018
    like/dislike is the downfall of human expression and the spiral towards our definite collapse into mammalianism
  • i'd argue we never weren't mammals, it doesn't take much looking at human history to see that our worst impulses often overshadow our best
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