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  • i got a lark of snark for not doing it in high school from other students, and while i still think i was right there are probably a billion better things to be rebellious about
  • lark of snark

  • i liked the quiet rebellion of not saying the pledge. though i never got snark for it. interesting that students in your hs even cared enough to comment
  • my high school was, while in the suburbs of NYC, in some ways at a cross section of Americana. for instance we were a very sportsy town, high school state football champions multiple times. also someone tried to stage a cockfight during a senior prank, it was very fucked up
  • i was also one of the grade pariah, so anything i did naturally came under scrutiny in order to give everyone else something to talk about that day
  • i am very fortunate in that i went to a very well funded public school, so the resources for a nerd like me to bury myself in were very much available to me. i definitely took that for granted back then, but i've learned at least some better. but none-the-less, there wasn't a culture of academic achievement being something that was glorified, to be cool you either played football or smoked dust
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    my town and the towns around it have a decent heroin problem these days, kids i was friends with in high school addicted to the stuff now. i want to make it clear that i had a very privileged upbringing (i think it's important for me to point this out, whenever complaining about my high school days because i had it soooooooo good by most standards even though at the time i hated it) and grew up in what would widely be considered a pretty privileged area (although not uniformly) but also several kids I was in high school with have OD'd in the past few years
  • i dunno if that helps paint a picture

  • perhaps you've seen this, it's making the rounds.

    Robert Glasper goes IN on Lauryn Hill. It starts kinda petty but then gets real fairly quick, calling her out as a musician and putting her whole solo career into question.
  • that's hilarious, good one.
  • That was brutal. Tbh as much as I love Miseducation I’ve never gotten the legend surrounding Lauryn

  • image

    New Contra tomorrow! Tonight if you're a Patron.
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    Haha! And now i get to watch it!!!

    [and it's fucking amazing!!!]
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    lol Contra does the Jim from The Office look into the camera

  • Hmm.. what color are your panties? I wanna smell'em.
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    It's impossible to comprehensively cover a topic like Incels in under an hour, but I think she did a great job covering the main points. Foppington's Law was certainly interesting. I hadn't thought of bigotry's obsession with skulls in that way before, but it makes sense.

    Natalie's willingness to be so open and vulnerable on the Internet about her experiences is really inspiring to me, especially in the Autogynephilia video. I have a hard time just posting pictures that show my face on the internet (mostly because I think I'm ugly as shit, but I swear I'm not an incel, women are not evil, they're lovely and cool, it's me, whatever), but opening up to other people is hard enough for me irl, I would never do that on youtube.
  • you know, i don't think it's suppose to be easy. i think that because the internet is so visual and so accessable that there's a falsehood of perception about how easy and comfortable it ought to be if only one were normal enough to do so; to be so visual and observed and appealing for having done so.

    you're the God of Death, metal man. that's good for me.

    and opening up is hard in general, always. it's hard opening up to yourself about yourself. i'm constantly pacing my apartment talking to myself loud about myself. there's so much to parse, everything's a backstory.

    and i don't even know if this relates, @yama - i'm just tossing a thought at you. because it's what you made me think of =^-^=

    tubes & text
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    and i don't know how this is going to be accepted; i'm hoping for the best [if i become to apprehensive of my openness, I will erase it] and i don't want to patronize (and now that I know the termonology) i don't wanna hugbox you either.

    but what would be so wrong by considering yourself attractive?
    you're gonna die - later today; hit by a bus in a month; drowned in the ocean; on a bed in a hospital; in a bright beautiful field under a tree; beneath a rubble of concrete and building, etc.,

    but all that goes with you are your thoughts and memories about you. I think of myself as a "kind succubus" or a "gentle medusa" I have to utmost control of how i feel about myself and the imagined comprehension i give to others; to what and to whom I damn - and accept. i will be myself until the second i can not. I might suffer under a boot for a little bit, but I will always devour it. I will dig my nails into it as if it were the sand and rip it apart.

    I am always good to me and if:

    attractiveness = positivity and positivity = good then i will always be attractive to me. and there is no grip stronger than mine that could rip my understanding from me and i wonder why that power seems so foreign to others.

    and maybe i don't "wonder" about others too much - it's this or that or another and it's all backstory, backstory, backstory.
  • i wish I could have that mind set.

    Like I wouldn't consider myself an incel purely based on the rhetoric incels use and their aggressiveness towards people,

    but I tick a majority of the boxes for being an incel, and I do consider myself to be fairly worthless and unattractive. Its just what I've been brought up on by the mass media. y'know, glasses, redheaded, etc.
    I actually feel that I'm OK with who I am, but who I am is a disgusting pile of worthless filth.

    go me!
  • just finished that Contrapoints video (digested it in three parts) and I quite enjoyed it.

    It felt like she actually was talking to me at some points. I think it really is about hard wiring to a positive way of thinking. It's kinda weird.
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    i've been bingeing contrapoints for two hours thanks for recommending it
  • the two part capitalism one was really solid
  • I think my favorite of hers is still Decrypting the Alt-Right
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    @demikat thanks a lot for sharing that. Convincing myself that I'm on some level attractive and that the ease of bearing one's soul on the Internet is a mirage, is something I will try harder to do.
  • ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ)
  • Getting to the incels video late and I just got to the part where she discusses Sui Fuel.


    I’m so glad this wasn’t a community I was aware of in college because there’s at least a 50% chance I would’ve gotten sucked into it.
  • It's relateable as fuck.
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    @toon_malk have you read slavidan zarathustra? or slutsketorevsky? you really can't understand that video until you've read slutsketorevsky.
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