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The YouTube Thread



  • oh yeah the apology video where one of them was visibly rolling his eyes at the audience, that fixed everything

  • @yama thats some pretty intense film analysis
  • it doesn't matter if they mean it. The Internet won. Stop kicking them they're dead.
  • It's the internet, where campaigning to destroy a Youtube channel because they made a mistake is a worthwhile use of your time.

    I think it's a shitty thing that they tried to do, but I doubt they did it with malicious intent, just naivety and and a lack of a good PR manager. They stopped, we won the war, now we can all move on.

  • this dude is quickly becoming one of my favourite Youtubers,

    funny, angry, and a great accent.
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    jesus i knew prank channels were cancerous but i didn't know it went as ridiculously far as bomb hoaxes

  • omg the dislike/like ratio on the finebros videos is so hilariously high
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    @Rob It's just a prank bro!
  • good lord pranks in the hood are the worst
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    So I don't have a car. I drove a Jeep until I bought a motorcycle; then I sold the Jeep. Then somebody tried to kill me, but only totaled the bike. Now I ride 24" BMX to the bus stop. But I still love a good car review. Sprinkle it liberally with references to American Literature, cunnilingus, flatulence, and a DEEP understanding of the car market worldwide since the 50's with a self-recorded theme song each episode and you have a winner in my book. AND they do "normal" cars (and sundry sport-bikes). Win.

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    this is more or less just for me, but in Sydney the govt are proposing lock out laws,

    here's what satirical commenter FriendlyJordies had to say;

  • This is beautiful.
  • one of my favorite DEHH reviews. Kinge gives no fucks

  • Well seems the Fine Bros are finally bouncing back.

    Their first episode of YouTubers React in over a month has come out.
    I thought it may never come out, but I guess it was gonna happen eventually.

    There's a fewer number involved than usual (usually seems about 10, this time it's 8) and the ones that are involved are regulars on the YouTubers React series.

    Either way, interesting.
  • patiently waiting for amazing amy to be in something good again. don't really care about the song tho

  • While I often react to Cracked's text articles with a tired shrug, I've recently started watching their show called After Hours.
    It might be a way of burning list ideas which they can't find the right angle on,
    but it's rather enjoyable, and is more or less 4 humourous and likeable personalities talking about movies and TV - often the conspiracy theories of various TV shows and the dreaded implications of what happens when the cameras turn off.

    Not laugh out loud, but it feels like sitting around a diner table talking with friends.

  • oh yea - ive watched this episode. I love all the after hours dinner segments. I'm glad they're trying to bring it back.
  • 2 birds w/ 1 stone

  • Ok. My NEW favorite cooking channel. No used-to-be-hot ladies now sponsored by Hidden Valley and cooking ribs with dry ranch powder, nor goofy men with strange inflections.

    Just fucking weird is good.

  • ^^ ha ^^
  • Re: You Suck At Cooking.

    So I could have found this channel at least 2 months ago if I had just read @Mars post about it. How did I miss that?

    Credit where credit is due...

  • I'm starting to dig this fella. I like smart people on YouTube.
  • papa bless
  • one of the greatest videos i have ever seen. david byrne is fucking hilarious:
  • Have you seen Stop Making Sense?
  • It's wonderful--the best movie about music I've ever seen.
  • Wow that's a gem geo
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