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  • no, but i will watch very soon. i've listened to the album, though

  • I'm not a follower of this guy, but it's showed up on my recommended section,
    it's an interesting take on YouTube from one of the heavy hitters on the platform.
  • not even 5 seconds into this video and I already adore this man's voice
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    this dude's quite funny
  • I've heard Frank on Antknee's podcast
  • His videos are great, obviously the vaporwave one is his biggest but it's still one of the funniest
  • he's also much better at FL than I am.
  • This man can take all my money!!!!!!!

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    too excited.
  • short and sweet avalanches documentary:
  • feelin the aussie love here
  • fuck Austria
  • Australia is real friendly

  • sorry about Crocodile Dundee, Nick... it was a different time
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    I don't know if you guys care, but the current government in Australia are kind of like a mix of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
  • that sounds terrible, dude
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    one of my favorite songs on her album got the mv treatment, and it's directed by Harmony Korine

    edit - NSFW lol

    he should've taken the trash humpers route on this rather than spring breakers. pretty to look at, but boring
  • I might sound like an old fart - but thanks to this video and her NSFW version of Work, I've seen Rihanna more or less naked.

    What's she gonna do next? Just a porno?
  • we'd probably watch the porn. I think i would. I've never watched a celebrity porn
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    i love these videos for her humor and spacial editing skills!

  • yay someone on the Community Channel bandwagon
  • it's a good wagon. cool bands.

  • good vid about all the shit which has been happening on YouTube lately, and connects that Markiplier vid and the Fine Bros controversy altogether.
  • I think I cracked it.

    You know how you have people like Peppitone, Stanhope and Burr being labelled "comedian's comedians"?

    I think h3h3 is a Youtuber's Youtube channel. They're what other YouTubers watch in their downtime.
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  • no fair, I didn't get to read what you said
  • admins used to be able to see that stuff on the old forum through a thing called the edit/delete log. Part of me is kinda glad we don't have that anymore even if 90% of the edits on this forum are typos.
  • it was just a tangent. some pointless reminiscing about nothing important to no one connected. and I thought "if I'm just going to talk to myself, I don't need to put it on a forum."
  • one of those videos that makes you sick inside and sad for humanity (some county meeting discussing transgender bathrooms full of absurdly bigoted people):
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