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The YouTube Thread



  • it's weird to think it, but i'm legitimately glad that generations like that will be dying out soon & won't be able to spread their misguided hate anymore
  • ╮(╯_╰)╭ agreed. they will die soon. ╮(╯_╰)╭
  • We as a society will only continue to be more progressive but bigotry and hatred will likely never die. I'd settle for a dull roar at this point.
  • sure, it'll exist, but hopefully not in such oppressively concentrated awfulness like that
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    I dunno as long as you have as concentrated of a center of violence as the federal government being revered by so many as a god I don't really see how you can begin to eradicate hatred on a structural level (/libertarian)
  • I might do all my political posts in italics from now on so the uninterested can skim by them
  • War is the health of the state
  • what is your "health of the state"?

  • It's an antiwar party mantra coined by Randolf Borne in this essay:
    I use it as my *object* of libertarian diction devoid of actual sentiment whenever I have need for such.
    In seriousness it essentially is the idea that the State (different from the government according to Borne) uses both outside conflict and the threat of outside conflict to expand its powers and potential powers, but I couldn't explain the idea in any way that does it justice like the actual essay does.
  • holy shit lmao
  • "god dont make mistakes"
  • you're so right shooty! i've never considered that the government is as beloved and blindly revered as god! i should have thought of this considering how our congress approval ratings are the highest they've ever been. we need to stop this blind allegiance to government
  • normally I hate the stupid 360 function on youtube but this is pretty cool
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    It's not *the* government, its government as a tactic for change family your sarcasm is misdirected
  • can you clarify? the statement "federal government being revered by so many as a god" just struck me as incredibly misguided, given that a sizable majority of people dislikes the government (and this isn't true just of the US)
  • It's important to make sure you fully comprehend what your reading before being a dick about it
  • Nah you were rude and then I was rude and now i don't wanna talk :-c
  • i was rude specifically because i felt you really stretched to bring in a political philosophy argument where none was relevant. there is a thread for all the libertarian government-is-evil-ness you'd like, but i posted the video to talk about evil people, or more fairly (and broadly) the evilness that religion can instill
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    I was just clowning dawg I'm usually just clowning
  • apologies for the overreaction then

  • a nice piece of depressing/inspirational content for your day
  • Well, as the person on this board least able to relate, I for one really enjoyed that*
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    *because I'm young not because I don't need to lose weight*
  • *not that I do*
  • *you get the idea
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    i read that when it was an article. that's really great and uplifting that he was able to sell his listicle and make some actual money (rather, more than the $20-$50 he was originally paid to write it.)
  • trying to pay attention to the YouTube drama is exhausting,

    There are even channels who got big because of their involvement of commenting on drama, like GradeAUnderA and unfortunately you cannot deny that Ethan and Hila didn't get a huge boost of popularity from their commenting and dissecting of the Fine Bros scandal.
  • i agree with gradeaundera tho that people bitching about drama are slightly more annoying (not targeted at you lol)
  • oh no I completely agree, the drama is fueled by the fans, not the creators themselves.
  • fwiw the fine bros have more or less completely recovered the subscribers they lost. Still think that scandal didn't really do any real harm to them beyond their reputation.
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