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The YouTube Thread



    edited May 2016
    well Fine Bros main channel is still at around 14 mil - that's still a mil off of what they had.

    But the React channel is now at 6 mil, and I don't know what that used to be at before the thingy.

    also you're right, I think most of who were unsubbing were people who actually pay attention to the YouTube platform.
    To the Fine Bros' credit, they've created a channel which is very casual YouTuber friendly.
    The people can watch an episode at work, it's not an intensive thing which you have to follow week to week.
    Just put it on for some light entertainment, so even though 2 mil unsubbed, there are still people who probably don't even know what the fuck went on and just watch their stuff like usual.
  • why do you always rush in to defend them lol
  • @Nick I thought their peak was like 14.1 or something? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.

    @Robby I'm a big fan of their content and think they did a dumb thing. I don't buy into the Internet lynch mob that painted them as mustache twirling evil-doers and even if I did it really wouldn't change that I enjoy their content.

  • I just hate it when "mad as fuck" internet keeps going on and on about something months after they won.
  • There are still people putting out videos reacting to react world like it wasn't a thing that died in January.
  • really great Every Frame a Painting on editing
  • I love every frame a painting!

    ummm....perhaps i've entered the sphere system implemented in FFX. eventually, no matter how well i lvl up my special ability content, it starts branching off into every else's special ability content.

    uhm. i am not a beautiful, unique snowflake.
  • I wish there was a lot more of this. Dan Harmon might be an asshole, but he'll always make me laugh.

  • of course Feefo would like fuckin Views
  • I've been watching a lot of Philip DeFranco lately,

    I like his way of sprinkling his own feelings into the news stories he reports on, and they often vibe with mine (in a looking at things objectively kind of stance)
  • This is really crazy.

  • my brother's a big fan of that channel, he went to one of their live events recently
  • I watch when they play a game I'm interested in seeing, it's part of my breakfast ritual. The circumstances of this happen are pretty
    awesome though, Arin went on a big rant about not liking Rob's new show and not understanding who it was made for, Rob heard about it, liked them, and asked to come on the show. I guess a guy like Rob Schneider needs to be able to brush off negative criticism pretty easily, he's seen a lot of it.
  • They've been getting a few different celebrities to be on their show recently. They got Steve-o and a couple guys from Game of Thrones

  • journalist meets a Twitter troll - interesting conversation happens.

    Obviously the "troll" is just a guy who picks arguments, if it were a real troll they probably wouldn't stand behind their vitriolic threats.
  • this is hilarious but omg my stomach was weeping for them

  • edited May 2016
    i saw the one with DJ Khaled and he could barely get to the third level, fat bitch don't know the major key to shit
  • "Keanu" was the funniest movie I've seen in a while. especially in the theater.
  • dude's right tho
  • I've never met that vegan, but I've met the people that think that vegan exists.
  • i meant he was right about meat, it's the best

    for real though I've met very few of the proverbial pretentious or condescending vegans, but given that there's pretentious and condescending people in every group i have no doubt they exist
  • Nerdwriter is starting to become one of my favorite people on youtube

  • yup yup! i loved this one!
  • OH MAN - have you watch the "Las Meninas"? that one is so fucking great! like, new order to life, mind blowing.
  • h3h3 are getting sued because Bold Guy is a little bitch

  • no matter the outcome of this, I think this could set a precedent for internet entertainment to come.

    it's probably a pretty monumental case right here.

    Phil Defranco has put together a GoFundMe to support Ethan and Hila.
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