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    I understand that, and stuff like that scares me.
    I mean I understand that people want things to remain free, but that's not how things work.

    Where will entertainment be in 10, 15 or even 20 years? We won't have movies, we won't have TV, we won't have music, we'll just have families sitting at their computers watching a 3 second videos of a dog biting someone in the groin loop while they watch dinner.

    unrelated, but it also concerns me that people are no longer sitting for long form content, or that 21 minute episodes of a thing is now considered long form.

    Long form is fucking Satantango, or Shoah.
  • Then again I remember people being pissed off when Hulu Plus was announced and I guess they're doing pretty well for themselves
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    Also robby I wasn't trying to offend you or call you out with my "be sensible" rag, I was just thinking that you weren't taking my question in the way I intended, and yes I may have said something in the heat of the moment and I'm sorry.
    But I can only say so much without not overreacting to a point

    I also understand that maybe my post here was misjudged and you didn't get offended and I didn't annoy you, but I'm merely keeping the status quo and getting in before the potential eruption of a ruckus.
    I sincerely don't know what you will brush off as a light hearted jab or what you will take as a personal attack, and I'm scared of you.
  • I'd be more excited for the creative opportunities of redtube if any of the content they've released so far rose above the average youtube mold and at least tried to push the boundaries

    so far it's just the same youtubers that are already big and already make mediocre content making the same mediocre content with a higher budget. the second they do something like what netflix is doing by bankrolling the new Bong Joon-Ho film, then I'll be interested, but so far I don't see how it's good for any creative community other than the youtube elite
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    but is it only worth while once they do something for creators you enjoy?

    what about creators in general who deserve that leg up?

    I know that the only people who have been given this opportunity are pre-existing YouTubers who have big followings and are safe bets,

    I'm just trying to be optimistic, that's all. It seems like a potential new platform which could be beneficial to creators in the future if it manages to find its footing.
  • it's worthwhile once they do something for creators that have the potential to do great innovative things with the platform, and i don't think any of these youtubers that currently benefit from it qualify. i'm open to that once it happens but until then i'm allowed to not care
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    Every time you call it redtube I chuckle audibly fwiw
  • At this point I wouldn't be surprised if most Red users are just in it for the Play Music subscription.
  • just saw a commercial for a new redtube series starring internet cancer joey graceffa

    see what i mean?
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    It's a real album!? ??

    Ghost Riders In the Sky seems fucking amazing!
  • this is pretty horrifying
  • hahahaha
  • McScuse Me, Bitch?!?!?
  • @yama I need to find a way to incorporate that into my daily life.
  • Pallet Coasters!

  • Elegant Pallet Coasters

    fucking yes!!!!
  • uh for "uhw-some" or "d'uh-sgust"?
  • uh dunno
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    you'll see! =^-^=

    there's gonna be a whole competitive, sub-cultural circuit that loves pallet coaster. Whole competition of leisure and luxury for the most craft worthy pallet coaster!
  • oh yea? i'm definitely gonna make some - with hand tools and wood varnish.
  • lol demi that response to "uh" was golden
  • ┌|゚з゚|┘
  • it happened
  • oh! he's fucking brilliant!

  • he's amazing. could you imagine! being in small gathering with him, drinking absinthe and listening to him play. i could fall into that hole with very little regard on getting out.
  • Which hole are you referring to?
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