I couldn't find a weather thread, I guess it was on the old forum.

Anyway, it's insane here today. beginning of February and you can be outside in a hoodie.


(That's 57 F for all you weird American ppl)


  • Global Warming is real.
  • It's 61 here today, not that it should surprise since we live like an hour and change from each other.
  • hot like the sun mang
  • I'm pretty into 40 degree weather. I more or less wish it was that temperature year round.
  • maybe there will be less war now that the weather's nicer in the great north west
  • not if there's brown people to shoot
  • I envy you all and your cool weather. It's been so humid and yuck for the past 2 weeks. I wish autumn would hurry up.
  • I hear Mount Doom is nice this time of year
  • I just checked and its literally the same temperature as here. Not even joking.
  • Although they have more sun, so fuck that.
  • is Mount Doom an actual thing? The one thing I know about New Zealand is that they filmed the Lord of the Rings movies there.
  • Not the actual mountain, but they modelled it based on Mt Ngauruhoe and filmed some close up shots off the side of Mt Ruapehu, both of which are around the Tongariro National Park. It's not actually a blackened wasteland either, I've been skiing on Ruapehu.
  • are Orc attacks a huge problem?
  • edited February 2016
    it's actually pretty cool that it was modeled after actual mountains. I just assumed all those shots were 100% CG.
  • Also they're all active volcanos. Ruapehu even erupted when I was a kid I remember mum taking me from Kindergarten with a handkerchief over my face because of the ash cloud.
  • where I live is starting to be a tropical climate.

    It's mostly humid, and fairly rainy. Damn you, Nino.
  • ok it should not be 87 °F in fucking February. if this isn't proof that global warming is real, i don't know what is.
  • I had a good month and a half of lovely cold weather. it's already fuckin hot again
  • It's supposed to be 6 degrees on Saturday here. I'm pretty glad it's not a weekday because any of you guys that have actually been outside in weather like that would know that air that cold actually hurts.
  • @secondplanet same story here. we had the first school day here in at least 61 years.
  • today just sucks for those of us who wear black
  • I just realized I made a typo in my last post.

    School day should be snow day.

    Carry on.
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