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  • Not bad, yourself?
  • going gud burdda watchu skrimpin in
  • bots are going spamtastic today, nuked about 35 of them just now
  • at least every ten minutes I have to refresh to get rid of all the spam,

    What's going on? is there something leading the bots here?
  • Just blasted 5
  • in the span of 15 minutes about 10 new posts pop up.

    This is fucked.
  • I accidentally clicked on one of their links,

    I mean I immediately closed the tab, but do I nuke my computer now.
  • i made a lil config. things should be quiet until i can figure out a better solution :)]
  • you da bes
  • Hey Pete, welcome!
  • welcome to the forum!
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    What up everybody!! My name is Jerry. I go by CosmicNinja87 online. The name comes from my love of space I've always had, and Ninja from my favorite band ever, Twiztid.

    I've always had a love for music since I was a young child. My first CD I ever bought was E. 1999 Eternal by Bone Thugs -N- Harmony. I was first getting into Hip Hop then, but also started delving into Marilyn Manson and Rock/Metal.

    I got into the whole Nu-Metal phase starting in 6th grade after hearing KoRn "Got The Life" on MTV. They were my favorite band for awhile. I went in head first and found Deftones, Staind, and so many others.

    At the start if High School, I got heavy into Mudvayne, and they became my new favorite band for some time. I still think "LD. 50" is a great album, but they started going downhill after that.

    Through the years, I've gained an appreciation for all kinds of genres. If it sounds good to my ears, then that's all that matters. Anthony has helped me a lot over the years, by watching his reviews. I've discovered so many great records and artists.

    At the age of 16 I discovered my favorite band to this day, which is Twiztid. That'll never change. Everyone ignored them because they used to be affiliated with fucking ICP, but they're a WHOLE different sound and level of talent. They left Psychopathic Records in 2012 and started their in label, Majik Ninja Entertainment. They've been killing it since then and continue to grow. They've managed to evolve as artists successfully while always staying true to themselves and their sound. I'd recommend first checking out the "Abominationz" album. It's my favorite from them. But I also think their newest album "The Continuous Evilution of Life's ?'s" is a good introduction. It's their most ambitious record for sure. I'm sure many people won't get into their music before the "W.I.C.K.E.D." album, because ICP were more pronounced I guess. I love all if their work, some more than others, but they've been putting out material for 20+ years now.

    Ok... Sorry for long post and all. I rarely make introductions like this, so I hope I gave a good idea of where I stand as a music fan. It's great to meet all of you and be able to have discussions.
  • 'Sup

    I don't know what else to write.
  • ayo welcome welcome @oz n @coz

    @coz i come from a similar background aesthetically but then got into metal until the great hipster pillaging and they robbed me from the cradle and cast me down into an abyss of list oriented music. now i just listen to soft karaoke rock and occasionally get hyped on visuals.
  • Hi, I’m Kevin.
  • hey kevin what is going down
  • Hey! I’m learning not to laugh.
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    hey guys I'm new here maybe you'd like my music. Somehow got a song w my idols mick jenkins and retch so enjoy! [redacted]
  • @lowcase welcome. we have rules u should read.
  • Hi, I'm the Fuzzminator. Regarding music, fortunately I grew up with all kinds and I 'd like to know what everybody is listening to these days! Cheers
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    [read the rules]
  • [Read the date]
  • Read rules hello
  • Howdy.
  • Where da rules at, yo?
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