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Post dope pictures of Bears.

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  • I was hoping someone would go that route. "Bear"
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    come on guys both of those should have been here before i even opened the thread get on top of it

  • how brutal is the rape scene in that movie?
  • there isn't one
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    edit: this used to be the location of a wrong shootyman post
    i really with deleting posts was a thing
    there is a rape depicted tho, but it certainly is not the main action of the scene
  • it was a mama bear, how exactly could it have raped him?
  • He's talking about the scene with the rape
  • I had trouble remembering it too, fwiw
  • @max I mean it's a rape it's kinda brutal by definition. I guess as far as gratuitous movie horrible things go it's not that... bad...
  • Wait, are we talking about the Revenant, or Game of Thrones? Because The Revenant didn't have one, although the bear attack certainly felt like one.
  • i hated the rape sequence in Game of Thrones, it was so "oh yeah, WE WENT THERE"
  • Doesn't saying negative things about Game of Thrones generally lead to someone beating you to death with a club?
  • It did feel very tacked on and "oh so edgy", and it turned a charismatic villain who had become almost redeemable into a total piece of shit again. It didn't even progress the story, it damaged it.
  • wait when the hell was Ramsay ever redeemable?
  • There was a rape scene in the revanant. Or rather, there was a scene with a rape.
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  • I was talking about Jamie. The Ramsay stuff was pretty inevitable, considering what vile creature he had always been.
  • oh the Jaime thing was more of a fuckup in the writing department, the Ransay was just pure exploitation to me
  • He was always the kind of character that, on top of all the other shitty things he is, it would have been more surprising if we wasn't also a rapist.
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    wow - what movie are you guys talking about? I've only read Game of Thrones. I had heard there was a rape scene between Jamie and Cersei in the HBO show but 1. i thought it was an odd thing because that wasn't the power dynamic between the two of them - but i hadn't heard it was brutal - i thought it was largely alluded to. within that world, in general, there's a lot of rape - but it largely off the text - side stories, backgrounds, "almosts" and "just missed it"
  • The rape between Jamie and Cersei was...weird. It wasn't aggressive or violent, and it was kind of unclear if it was intended as rape or Lena just made it look that way in her portrayal. Cersei was already greaving in that scene.
  • them consentingly fucking that close to their son's corpse (as it was written in the book) would have already been disturbing enough, implying a rape and not even being all that clear about it just created a lot of uncomfortability that wasn't necessary. George R.R. Martin himself wasn't a fan
  • I think the writers even admitted that they really fucked up. They had spent a lot of effort trying to make Jamie a likeable person, and were pretty successful at it, but raping your sister over the body of your own son doesn't make him an endearing person, it makes him a monster.
  • came across this and was fooled. haha good job toy story 3 and your marketing
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