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The Life of Kanye



  • I hope u thought i was smart for the duration of my clever ruse tho
  • The real question is how u got to facts in 30 minutes lmao
  • well whoever put it in dropbox put it in with a wrong tracklisting, because Facts was listed as Fade and was put on as track 10. but Kanye himself probably thought so little of this album's sequencing that any random track order will do, they're all as lazy as the last
  • Aww i was so excited for a new #gate
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  • no prob bugattin0bi. perhaps i should take back my grandstanding...but i won't :)>-
  • as much as you criticize "fanboys" for trying to like it, it really feels like you're going out of your way to try and hate it
  • FML is pretty good. i wish there were more songs like that earlier in the tracklisting so i didn't have to look at a Weeknd feature as a high point
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  • I actually don't this album is that good, but it's not THAT bad either.. My rough first take would be like an 8 if you end at Wolves
  • 8 is pretty good mr inflation
  • Thata the right order but i love other albums is called i love kanye i think
  • If you treat 5 as mediocre then

    7-8 to me means good but not that special

    My scale is exponential so a 9 is 10 times as good as an 8
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  • But ur right, that still may be a little generous
  • 7.77777876547698
  • Out of 10 just so we're clear
  • @toon i guess. fwiw i see the same phenomenon in art cinema, where certain directors release incoherent babble and the built-in audience eats it up. and I had the same position on Yeezus, would people have thought Chief Kief mumbling in auto-tune was so good if it wasn't on a Kanye album? i earnestly don't think so. there's some flashes in the pan of quality here, but also a lot of bullshit that tells me ye didn't really try that hard. it's a fashion line album to me, i think it'll go out of fashion just as quickly as his new shoes.
  • 7 is good, 8 is great, 9 is phenomenal, 10 cements it as a personal favorite, must own...That's how I rate.
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    I don't think it's fair to criticize fans. But that's just me. (This is my read on Robby's built in audience criticism, and not his overall take on the album, FYI)

    I will say I think it is interesting that he calls 30 Hours a bonus track on the track.
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    @boo you're not wrong in general that some people consume art that way but it's wrong to assume the only reason anyone could like it is because of that.

    There are plenty examples of great art, that are messes or great art that is enhanced by an understanding of where that art is in relation to the artists canon.

    I genuinely like Yeezus, and even though there's a couple tracks I hate, there are the majority of tracks I really like. It's been a while now, if I were faking this would have to be some pretty deeply internalized lie
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    Also The whole social media poop storm around this album really pissed me off.. So if anything I kinda wanted it to suck more
  • First track is by far the best on the album, and one of the best Kanye has
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    First track is the best on the album, and one of the best Kanye has put out, shockingly good, FML, Father Pt. 1 and 2, 30 Hours, Wolves I'm loving them all. Really I love almost every track, but I need more time to consider how I feel about it as a whole. I think it may be his least cohesive album, may be one of his best too.
  • @toony if 5 is mediocre and your scale is exponential 8 is pretty fucking up there lol. Im just BUSTIN UR BALLS THOOO MAAAAAN
  • I give this album a #.$$$/?
  • I rate on a bell curve tho so every time i listen to an album it shifts all the other albums iv listened to slightly
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    I'd give it a strong 7/lite 8 on first listen. I really liked it, though I do think that it would be tighter if it stopped at Wolves, which I agree that it seems to actually do if all the post Wolves tracks work as bonus or as an epilogue.

    And I feel strongly that that first track is legit great. It has a soul that Kanye rarely achieves, in both mood and with those vocals. Chance has the best verse on the album.
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