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The Life of Kanye



  • I try to rate on a bell curve but I'm still easily impressed, or just love music a hell of a lot so I enjoy a majority of what I listen to.
  • @toon that's very true. i have a decent potential to come across as a condescending prick so i should check that every now and again (probably before i even make the post, but ill try to do better next time).

    I'm the opposite of you in that the poop storm surrounding this album made me angry in a "this thing better be amazing" kind of way, and seeing that it's just kinda mediocre is making it worse because the whole shitstorm is all for naught. i think someone said in another thread that rushed Kanye =/= good Kanye, and this reeks of rushed Kanye
  • There's a brightness to some of these beats, that's the only way I can describe it, that just sounds so new and sexy. I'm a big fan to be honest. It's flawed beyond belief, but that's what I want out of a Kanye album at the point.
  • @boo no worries, I wasn't offended or anything just defending my POV
  • it also bears noting that i said "Blackstar" (the song) was boring and had no momentum when the video came out and i wound up eating my words so hard that i choked on em, i don't think ye's up to nearly that level of greatness but maybe the first song at least will grow on me similarly
  • FML nearly had me in tears tho not gonna lie. I really enjoyed this album but I'm a Kanye fanboy, but I mean I definitely like it more than Watch the Throne or 808's & Heartbreak.
  • @Shelton. Same. I feel as if it probably de-legitimizes my opinions, but I do my best to engage with an art and have at least a solid take on something as to make up for being an "easy grader".
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  • @Boon0bi saw his own shadow. We have 4 more weeks of winter.
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    2nd time through, and I'm liking these beats even more. I've heard some joke that Kanye found Kraftwerk, while others say that this may (speaking of hype/buzz/shitstorm hyperbole) be his Kid A in terms of where it falls in his discography.

    Love the Under the Skin sample on Freestyle 4.
  • okay the eating of words commences now, Ultralight Beam is good. Chance makes the song for me. still not a fan of either Father Stretch My Hands parts tho but we'll see

    i should probably stop dying on the hills of first impressions. or at least documenting them.
  • but then he drops the bleached asshole line and i want to return to my old ways arrrrghhh
  • I'm dying on the hill of "I'll listen to it when it's on Apple music".

    you did this to me, Kanye.
  • Who the fuck has a tidal account anyways
  • the clipping also kinda bothers me, hopefully the non-Tidal release fixes this
  • Tidal's alright but I dropped it like a bad habit when Apple Music launched. There's something to be said for the integration they're capable of by having direct access to the operating system.

    I really hate that music that's going to wind up on everything will sometimes gets a period of exclusivity now. It's a pretty shitty thing to do in the name of business.
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    i think the version bonabi just dropped is better quality than the original, which might have contributed to my initial "really, THIS" reaction. it being in the right(?) order helps too
  • "Fade" is actually a good track, too, so I was happy at its inclusion to the previously dropped record.
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    "Wolves" is awesome. Love the Frank Ocean outro.

    My favorite tracks: Ultralight Beam, Waves, Highlights, Real Friends, Wolves, No More Parties in LA
  • oh shit that was an Under the Skin sample
  • Kind of glad that FACTS made it on there, just because that intro is one of the coolest things I've ever heard. It also works pretty well in the context of the album
  • glad you came around on the first song, robby, since it's fucking good

    i was extremely high when i listened to it in full last night, so my opinion will be warped. but on first listen i thought everything was pretty great except for some lyrics, which i expected anyway
  • Strong 6. Not his worst, certainly not his best. Tons of filler, and no personality. I don't expect this to change with a few more listens, but I hope it does.
  • It seems like I'm in the minority on this, but all this religious stuff makes my skin crawl. The kid on the opening track isn't cute, its sad and terrifying. It's usually not a big deal, and I knew Kanye considered himself a Christian, but the emphasis on ithere makes me uncomfortable.
  • best tracks for me;

    Famous, No More Parties, Real Friends, Highlights and Waves.
    Also I enjoyed the beat for Feedback a lot.
  • i'm a pretty hardline atheist, but i've never had a problem with kanye's religious stuff

    starting my second listen now. let's see if it's just as good sober
  • He said he wanted to make a gospel album, and he hand succeeded sounds like the gospel of Kanye at times. This thing is messy as hell though and super uneven for me. Not too crazy about it.
  • I havent spent as much time with this yet but in the past (Jesus Saves in particular) I thought Kanye bringing up that stuff was actually really tasteful and personal. maybe juxtaposed to bars about his wife's bleached asshole they'll be a little less forgivable
  • it can go either way, for example the only part of gkmc I don't like is the skit where gang violence is solved by prayer
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