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The Life of Kanye



  • wow so no one objects to the Taylor line in Famous? seriously guys?
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    not sure if this is true, but some reports say he told her about the line in advance and made sure she knew it was a joke

    and honestly, the humor seems clear. i feel like we might still have sex? i made that bitch famous? she was obviously super famous before kanye west; it's a joke
  • i think people underestimate kanye's ability to write funny lines. he's been making me laugh out loud since mbdtf
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    well its just as shameless and stupid as every other lyric on the album so it fits i guess.
  • @dallas can i respectfully ask where you see Kraftwerk or Kid A in this? i think thats giving this album waaaaaay more import than it deserves
  • I didn't say I did. People who were at the MSG thing were tweeting that and I read the tweets. Interesting to see the wide range of opinions on this thing.
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    I still firmly believe that kanye west is playing a character and that character is hilarious
  • yea 'cause kanye is celebrated worldwide for his amazing lyricism
  • sorry, misread your post
  • @geogaddi post sounds sarcastic yet every time he puts out an album (and itll be the same for this) people prop him and his lyrics up as if they are trying to be amazing and say something important.
  • No one takes Kanye seriously enough to be offended anymore.
  • I agree those 300 like the romans defeners are horrible
  • I'm a big Kanye fan, and easily his biggest weakness is lyricism. While he has more good albums than Kendrick at this point, thanks to longevity, I could see Kendrick becoming the more important artist thanks to the fact that he actually CAN use strong lyricism with his flow and with the beats.
  • I think it's blatantly obvious that Kanye's lyrics took a nosedive once Consequence and Rhymefest stopped fucking with him
  • He's probably writing a larger percentage of his own material and what we're getting is much closer to the real Kanye than Graduation and late registration material.
  • I think it's obvious that Kanye comes from a production background.
  • "I dented your Corolla...ok, I smashed your Corolla," from Yeezus still makes me chuckle. And the croissant line. Those are supposed to be stupid and funny.
  • @shooty not a defender, but i always heard the 300 line was calm, cool, collected = CCC = 300. not sure about the evidence, though

    but yeah, in general kanye's strength is in production (and in many cases, delivery). the content of his lyrics varies wildly in terms of quality, but i do savor the really funny bits and quotables
  • Oh yeah he's still fairly funny but no longer as eloquent without his longtime collaborators so we get less of the "Mayonnaise colored Benz I push miracle whips" level material.
  • I think he is often funny, for sure.
  • I have heard 2 arguments about the 300 line, ccc like you said and also that he is being purposefully ignorant of history because he's the center of the universe or some shit.
    I don't buy either of those at all
  • fair. then again the "throw away" lyrics of yeezus fit completely with its punk aesthetic/construction. whether you buy that is your prerogative
  • After a second listen, I think my opinion might be worse. Maybe a 5. There's a few great tracks, but the whole album lacks cohesion and even the good songs have some bizarre experimentation that don't work well at all. I liked Yeezus because it was kind of experimental, but this doesn't feel as creative or planned, just weird noises on a loop for no purpose.
  • to what "bizarre" experimentation are you referring? honestly curious as to what you think is really out there & doesn't work
  • Just the random sound bites and hard cuts to a totally different beats in the same song, it feels like a scrapbook of ideas that was never tidied into something cohesive.
  • edited February 2016
    neither of those things strikes me as particularly bizarre or experimental, but i get if that's not your style
  • After a few more listens I think the album does have a really cohesive identity while being as varied as it is. I would move Wolves to the end (as a finale, way better than Fade) and put Fade somewhere else, and I don't think Waves works. It sounds cohesive with the album somewhat but I don't think it's necessary and it's just too much Chris Brown for my liking as well. But other than that I think I enjoy pretty much everything.
  • I don't like wolfs or fade tbh but i love 30 hours so discount me
  • Nah I love 30 hours too and I think the rambling outro is hilarious.
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