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The Life of Kanye



  • when the horns come in on ultralight beam is awesome
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    isnt Young Thug supposed to be on Highlights?
  • I'll listen to it when he finishes it
  • this whole unfinished feel, I think it's intentional. I think it's the aesthetic i mean just look at the album cover
  • Like I am far far far from a kanye stan but this whole unpolished raw as fuck feel appeals to me so much I forgive the sacrifices made for it
  • I am a Kanye Stan and nah I'm good
  • trying my best to like the new version of wolves and it's so hard
  • Antfan basically just said everything I've been feeling about TLOP, it's kind of surreal.
  • So far for me this album is a hell of a lot of fun to just sit back and play all the way through at the house. It's also perfect for playing through while driving around in the car. However, I think only about half the songs are equally as enjoyable to listen to on their own or in a shuffled playlist.
  • ready for antfan to do a reverse-p4k and give anco an 8 as they deserve
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    My taste in hip hop albums almost never aligns with Fantano's. Most of his eights are closer to sixes for me and most albums I feel like are 8-10s he rates as sixes
  • oh man that ghetto oprah skit is the best
  • i wonder if kanye's gonna keep working on this album now that (for now) its tidal exclusive. he already said he's fixing wolves, so i wonder if this album is gonna signal a trend where high profile artists release work-in-progress albums through a streaming service and continue working on them and tweaking them (i mean let's be real, that's what TLOP feels like)
  • ^ kanye changes the game yet again

    i've cooled off on the album a bit after another few spins. it's got a lot of really great moments, but there's definitely a fair share of sloppiness and disconnectedness as well. and despite a handful of new-sounding things, the production is generally just *good*, not particularly inventive. this is sitting around a solid 7 for me now
  • probably his worst since 808s, maybe graduation
  • man it feels like yall gettin played lol
  • i think kanye hates most of his audience
  • edited February 2016
    and that love, even one way, can make an ugly thing look beautiful.
    kanye fan and kayne record together once again.
    however ugly the relationship looks, you know that the kanye fan will always love the kanye record.
  • kanye is like a dominatrix pinning down his fans w his sadomasochism
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    The big revelation today is that he thinks someone making $370 a day is struggling financially.
  • gotta buy them college textbooks breh
  • I try my best to separate art from the artist, but Kanye makes it so fucking difficult. He's so out of touch and self-absorbed that it's hard not to acknowledge was a shithead he is.
  • well it's obvious how mentally scattered he was prior to the album so in that sense it affected the album, making it equally scattered. I don't love this thing, even given some great songs in a lot of ways it's barely an album, but as a document i find it fascinating

    and ill always have a fascination with extremely wealthy people making intentionally garish art (the cover and the Bound 2 video are more what im thinking of here). this writer gets up his ass a little more often than I'd like, but i enjoy his analysis on Kanye:
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    lol love jerry saltz but he's basically the kanye of the art criticism world
  • oh i rarely read art criticism i assumed it was all that way lol
  • edited February 2016
    that's a pretty fair assumption actually.
  • I'm late to the party. Anyone talk about Wolves yet? His singing was tolerable on that track, and actually sounded pretty good, when it was juxtaposed against Sia and Vic's vocals... But omg he replaced them with him singing that shit about Mary in the club. Fucking cringed
  • @Shootymane To me it sounds more lazy and sloppy than raw, but to each their own.
  • I haven't even heard the original, but that "Mary in the club" stuff is really awful. Pretty much all the the religious stuff on this album is pretty surface level and bad. It's more saying " Yeah motherfuckers, I am the God of rap and art, everything is going to be important for all of human history" rather than any kind of commentary on inner struggle, the concept of religion or God, or anything to say about what religion means to him and the world in 2016.
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