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The Ring (1927) - Alfred Hitchclub


SPORTS! This week it's time for a pair of magnificent pugilists to enter the ring and show each other what for! Perhaps they're in love too, and somebody is a drunk? I don't know, I haven't watched the movie yet. I had an assignment due last night, and unfortunately that still takes priority over this thing. Watch the film, tell is if you loved it, hated it, and why. Blah blah blah. Forever.


  • While not as accomplished as Hitch's earlier thriller, The Lodger, and the love triangle doesn't always work for me, The Ring is still strongly porto-Hitch, hinting at his future masterworks with dynamic direction, especially in the climactic fight scene [1], where we see the dazed, out of focused overlayings of a dizzy head-punched fighter.

    It's a fun 80 minutes, with some neat innovations for the time.

    [1] But also when one of the side characters gets drunk at the wedding reception when the camera goes out of focus.

    I think it is interesting that this is the only film Hitchcock solo wrote. He found it easier to write visually, so when he started to include dialogue, he got writers.
  • I finally remembered to sticky this.
  • @TJ how do the fighting scenes in this compare to something like The Kid? Physical comedy seems to hold up in silent film but I'm wondering if it's a tougher ask of a film with a more dramatic tone.
  • The film does have some laughs--and some REALLY rough race-based jokes that do not age well at all--but overall it is a more dramatic film. While it still has that silent film melodrama that Hitch dealt with in his earlier films, I would say the fights are successful. There is a really awesome shot that feels like it is right out of vertigo where Hitch plays with layering images and focus after one of the guys gets knocked out. (No spoilers!).

    He's developing is techniques and experimenting, this early, which is cool to see.
  • I can't see myself being super into this but it's certainly got a lot of cool shots. The transition from the handshake and Bob putting a bracelet on Jack's fiancé was really well done.
  • I also appreciate that the smoking rate in the 20s continues to be damn near 100%.
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  • good analysis!
  • What kind of bot comes up with that combination of words?
  • We onto the next movie yet? I probably won't get around to it until Fri or Sat.
  • I should be, I've been slack, having to clean out my computer which is going to take up a lot of my time today.
  • I haven't even gotten to The Pleasure Garden
  • It's nothing special, just skip to The Lodger.
  • Why does this movie have a witch.
  • Just finishing this up now. I really like the spectacle of some of the larger scenes, but I feel like they haven't given me enough reason to care about Bob and Jack's conflict. There's like basically no dialogue in this thing even though characters are clearly talking to each other. This feels like the sort of the sort of thing that should have been a short.

    I really liked the scene where Jack confronted his wife after the penultimate fight. The tension there was super believable.
  • I don't even remember their names.
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