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  • can i say ones i actually think?
  • Bush, or rather, the Bush administration, had absolutely no reason to suspect weapons of mass destruction existed in iraq and did it for purely corporate/power reasons.
  • that's the only one i believe right now i think but im sure thatll change as I got further off the deep end
  • I don't think that's a conspiracy theory so much as it's just a fact.
  • Chemtrails.

    Are a lie.
  • I firmly believe Bush had foreknowledge of 9/11 (not that he orchestrated it but could have prevented it and didn't)
  • @Robby let me start this by saying this thread is a safe place and I'm not judging you in any way.

    In what way do you think he knew? Do you think they had specifics of when and where the attack would take place and by whom? I would think that's the kind of thing that would have gotten out if it's true. I'm sure they had Intel suggesting a possible attack, but nothing as specific as a day, time, and location.

    The one 9/11 conspiracy that is probably true is the military shooting down flight 93.
  • and by "probably true" I just mean that the idea is plausible. Had that decision been made rest assured it would come hand in hand with a coverup.
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    maybe I'm wrong about him having specific intel (though I don't think it'd be far fetched), but the warning signs were right there
  • government lowkey controls the weather
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    quality necroposts

    are controlled by the government
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    And they still controlled it....
  • The idea of "SPACE"/"space travel" as we're taught is science fiction, backed by mind control and lies.

    "Space may be the 'final frontier', but it's made in a Hollywood basement.." ~ Red Hot CP

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